Why we do what we do

The SaaSAge team have a deeply understanding of what an efficient technology system looks like, it irritates us to the core when it doesn’t.

Everything we do is to ensure your technology works to the best of it’s ability,

Our wide variety of client systems keeps our interest piqued, each new client presents a new challenge to understand how to make all of our clients technology systems work better.

It’s not acceptable to us that your systems, be it a users PC or a powerful High Availability cluster has performance issues,  storage issues or any other issues and we’ll go to the ends of the earth to figure it out and resolve your issue permanently.

No User Left Behind!

What’s with the name SaaSAge?

When Andrew started SaaSAge it was the time when all talk about IT was referencing ‘the cloud’ or SaaS (Software as a Service). Lying in bed thinking of a company name it went something like this;

‘what sounds like SaaS? Hmmm, SauS, SauS Age, SaaS Age, SaaSAge, ‘the Age of Software as a Service’, genius! Is the .co.uk domain name available, yep, done (the owner of the .com wanted $5,000, but 14 months later didn’t renew so we bought it for £20). Plus it sounds and looks like sausage so it’s bound to stick in people’s minds’

And it has, almost all our clients call us Sausage or have their own unique way of saying SaaSAge, which is fine by us.

How do you pronounce SaaSAge? / Sass-Age/

Meet Some Of The Team.

Andrew DoyleManaging Director
Hailing from a corporate IT background Andrew is responsible for the day to day running of the team and focuses mainly on the technology strategies we implement for clients as well as winning and onboarding new clients.
Mancunian 100%
Colin HastieClient Satisfaction Specialist
Colin runs the technical team on a day to day basis and ensures that projects and issues are dealt with appropriately.
Scottish 100%
Tanja BartulovicOffice Manager
Tanja makes sure all the none-technical elements of our service are running smoothly and accurately. Tanja also organises Account Management reviews between Andrew and clients.