What’s the most important feature of a backup system?

Nearly ever data backup system available today will send you an email telling you if a backup ran and was successful or it failed for whatever reason. These Emails are usually generated from the server that is performing the backup.

Herein lies the problem.

What if the server that produces the Email alerts wasn’t available (offline

October 1st, 2014|News|

Transferring Outlook ToDo List for Google Apps Sync users

Here’s the scenario;

A Google Apps Sync (Outlook) user has a new PC, when you setup MS Outlook to sync with Google Apps the users ToDo list does not move across.

The ToDo list in Outlook is not a separate list, it is simply a view of Contact or Calendar items that have a ToDo flag

September 29th, 2014|News|

Client Satisfaction Scores – WE 26th Sept 2014

Client Satisfaction Scores for our managed IT services this week. I may have also mentioned in the past we’re the most highly rated IT support provider in Manchester according to Google+ :)

(mine are skewed as I’ve testing and doing a project).


September 26th, 2014|News|

Domain Names: what business owners MUST do to protect themselves

As you would expect in our day to day work as IT support providers we deal with a lot of technical systems, servers, networking and computers being just a few. Business owners and directors invest a lot of money in protecting these systems from failure, the primary reason for this is to ensure that

September 25th, 2014|News|

3 things Microsoft need to improve in Office 365

To be clear, I think MS Office 365 is great, but it needs polishing in some areas, these are my top 3;

Improve the One Drive for Business sync tool. It errors too often and with too little information relating to what the error is. Microsoft have tried to remedy this using the Repair function,

September 1st, 2014|MS Office 365|

Archiving Labelled Email in Google Apps mail

Here’s the scenario;

You use Google Apps mail or Gmail. You receive certain Email and have a filter that automatically applies to that Email. You want to remove all the Email with that Label from your Inbox?

So what do you do?

You go into the Label, select all the Email you want to Archive and click

August 29th, 2014|News|