How to work offline with Google Apps

Google Apps. Love ‘em. Stacks of amazing features that even allow users to work on docs even when internet connection is flakey or drops out altogether. Google loves to push the idea of working from anywhere, using any device, at any time. But anywhere usually means anywhere there’s internet connection. Not now.

Not with Google

May 9th, 2016|News|

The Golden Triangle: How to use Active Directory on Macs

Have you heard of the tech Golden Triangle? The Magic Triangle perhaps?

Neither a real triangle, really golden or really it will though let you use use Active Directory to manage user profiles on Apple Workstations. A very good thing indeed.  

In this article our tech guardians will give you a step by step guide

April 24th, 2016|News|

Hung up on Google Apps? Here are 5 features to make you go gaga

Google Apps is an awesome cloud platform for enterprise. Designed with team engagement in mind and with security tight as a tight thing, it’s no wonder Google Apps are so popular with cloud aficionados.

Our TechGuardians spent the last week playing around with some of the hidden features that can take workplace productivity to from

April 6th, 2016|News|

Tech Guardians tips to spring clean your IT System

Have you been bogged down with slow starting computers?

Is your inbox filling up faster than the M25?

Perhaps your server has given up the ghost?

Spring is a great time to start afresh. Whether you want to sanitise your workstation or de-clutter unwanted files. Time to get the duster and mop out and give the

March 21st, 2016|MS Office 365|

Microsoft Office 365: Deploying Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

Is Email security water tight at your organisation?

Do you want to eliminate potential threats on your system?

Criminal are becoming ever more sophisticated with their methods of invading complicated organisational networks and systems. Email is a prime tool for any criminal who wants to access vital data. After all data is the lifeblood of any

March 7th, 2016|News|

Love a freebie? Try before you buy technology

We all love a freebie. New vanilla syrup on your regular hot chocolate? Yes please. The chance to chuck yourself around that new state of the art gym next to your office?  Oh go on then.

We all know it’s a promotion and advertising game. Companies pushing a new product. Guinea pigs getting first dibs.

February 29th, 2016|MS Office 365|