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When should IT Support change a computer?

One complaint our IT Support service often hears when we onboard a new client is “my computer runs really slowly”. That is never good news because it affects productivity and annoys the user. We want happy users so what should happen? IT Support limitations In some cases, we can improve the computer either with

Google Apps: Tools for businesses

Do you want your team to stay connected across your organisation? Have you tried the Google Apps amazing features? Google Apps for business is a must if you want your team to better engage, collaborate, share ideas, and work effortlessly on the same project. In this article we will discover Google Apps tools with awesome

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How to reset a password on Active Directory

Users forgetting passwords is one of the most common issues raised in any IT department. Passwords are becoming more sophisticated. Security experts’ advice to include a mosaic or letters, numbers, and characters to confuse would be hackers ultimately end up confusing the user. Resetting passwords is becoming necessary in the fight against cyber crime. The

What’s inside a server? Inspired by Randall Munroe

Randall has produced a book that explains very complicated things using only the top 1000 words in the English language. It's brilliant, get it here Inspired by this we've attempted to do the same with a server, those large computers that run organisations. As such this post should be called What's inside a Team Help

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