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When should IT Support change a computer?

One complaint our IT Support service often hears when we onboard a new client is “my computer runs really slowly”. That is never good news because it affects productivity and annoys the user. We want happy users so what should happen? IT Support limitations In some cases, we can improve the computer either with

Repel cyber attacks

You don’t need us to tell you that these days cyber attacks present a constant danger. You’ve doubtless seen those news articles of criminals using ever more sophisticated malware and spyware capable of striking right at the heart of even the most well protected of computer systems. The cost to the business? Millions! It’s a

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Don’t get Auto Re-screwed – IT Support contract renewal time

It’s that time of year again. And no we’re not talking about the annual mince pie and broken resolution fest as Xmas slumps into jowly January. We’re talking about IT support contract renewal time. Your auto renewal - as gentle as a breeze, as silent as a thought. And as if my magic…. there you