Disaster Recovery ManchesterDisaster Recovery in Manchester

Imagine the consequences of serious I.T. failure in your organisation. A fire, a flood, a force 12, a virus even – your email system down, a call centre frozen, a queue of customers locked out of your online payment system. It’s almost…unimaginable.

Disaster Recovery – Rebooting your Business

They say it’s not the crisis – it’s how you respond that matters. And as much as an IT disaster might feel like the end of the world, it’s really just the beginning of your response. The beginning of your disaster recovery. Disaster recovery that actually starts a long time before the lightning has struck.

Though more corporate oriented and perhaps a little overblown for SMEs the ISO/IEC 27031, global standard for IT disaster recovery, states, “Strategies should define the approaches to implement the required resilience so that the principles of incident prevention, detection, response, recovery and restoration are put in place.”

Prevention is Better Than Cure

And of course the ISO guidelines are spot on – in principle if not practice for smaller organisations. Prevention is always far better than disaster recovery cure. That’s why we work so hard with our clients to head trouble off at the pass – to hot swap ageing hardware, to insisting on a proper backup system and to always deploy the most reliable technology possible. Preventative IT Support.

The Importance of Risk Assessment

But before you can even begin to think about your disaster recovery it’s important to conduct a risk assessment or business impact analysis and to recognise your core  IT services – the ones that support your critical business activities. From there you can work out how quickly you need then to be back up and running, your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and the extent that you need them recovered to – your recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Once armed with the all important risk assessment we can devise your Disaster Recovery Strategy.

In the Event of Emergency

At SaaSAge not only do we work closely with our clients to address all of these important aspects of Disaster Recovery Strategy, but perhaps more importantly when disaster does rear its ugly head, as inevitably one day it surely will, we’re there to chase it out of town.

And because we’ll have it all mapped out in advance we’ll be ready.

Whatever it takes. Replacing defective equipment – server failure, a burnt out mother board or a deceased hard drive perhaps – warm-standby system restores from highly-available backups.

How prepared are you? What are your core IT systems and what business function would fail if they failed? Your RTOs? Your RPOs?

We can tell you.

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