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Threat is everywhere. All the time. That’s why we partner ESET. A suite of rock solid business security products supplies as either Full Disk Encryption environments, or licenses so that your own IT team can implement. We also consult.


Simple. Because they’re the best. Maximum level protection. Minimum user interaction. Minimum computing resource requirement. It’s a winning combination.

Compare ESET Endpoint Antivirus vs the competition.

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ESET Endpoint Antivirus sees things others don’t. Does things others won’t. Use your free ESET Endpoint Antivirus trial and full system scan using to identify infiltrations that have slipped past your current antivirus system.

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ESET Security Bundle

Antivirus software doesn’t have to be a burden on time and resources. Designed for all types of networks, ESET Endpoint Antivirus does the hard work for you. Quietly and ultra effectively. State-of-the-art proactive malware defence with no slowdowns, no false positives and no hassle.

Simplified remote management provides a network wide window on security from a single location. Customise the security as required. Choose to manage your security in house or use our our TechGuardians. Either way – you win.

Fully managed, cloud based antivirus service from £11.75 per endpoint per year. Unmanaged from £9.50 per endpoint per year.

DESlock+ is a simple-to-use encryption application that speeds up compliance and the security of your company data.

DESlock+ Pro does it all. Full disk encryption and removable media encryption for rock solid laptop security.

DESlock+ Enterprise Server enforced at all endpoints delivers fully secure, file, folder and email encrypted collaboration across complex work groups and team boundaries

Now it’s easy to meet your data security compliance obligations. Just use our fully managed full disk encryption service.

Fully managed, cloud based full disk encryption service from £32 per user per year, unlimited endpoints.

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