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I.T. support has evolved. Whether you’re an Operations Director, I.T. Manager or Office Manager, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you, moulding and managing your technology to play its part in your service and/or growth strategy.

You will see us a lot. Your team’s satisfaction is our #1 priority. They will get to know us as though we are a permanent member of your team. Whether we’re working with you on a specific project or managing your entire technology estate, our aim is to ensure technology is a background service that simply assists your team in performing their day-to-day tasks.

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I.T Management & Support Features

Your team and your technology have different needs. We slice our services in a number of ways to ensure the right kind of focus goes to the right area. You can mix and match any of our services below:

Managing your team’s satisfaction, coordinating projects and ensuring the advice we give you is completely unbiased. ServiceGuardians are responsible for making it easy for you to communicate with us however you like and ensuring you see us often, coordinating regular account reviews and driving the tasks that arise from review meetings. They manage your entire experience of our service.
Day-to-day maintenance, keeping your technology within our defined safe operating boundaries or assisting you with a specific project. TechGuardians do what is needed to ensure technology is unobtrusive to your team’s day-to-day workflow. Providing deep, vendor-specific consulting services on a project by project basis. Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare are just some of the vendor technologies we specialise in.
Your guide to moving to the cloud. Is it right for you, your business and your team? Can cloud-based tools give you what you are looking for? We can cut through the fog, help you find what you’re looking for and move your system, safely, with minimal disruption. Guaranteed.
The thought of changing your current I.T. supplier to another can be a very daunting. Our TransitionGuardians alleviate your concerns. Supporting you intimately during the first 3 months of our relationship, we work with you in introducing ourselves to your team and your partners to transition knowledge about your technology into our team in a highly organised manner. All backed by our TransitionGuardian Guarantee.

I.T. Manager looking for assistance?

We can cover your holiday, compliment your skills on specific technologies or projects and help you build an outstanding I.T. service through benchmarking and best-of-breed processes and tools.

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Happy Customers

I can honestly say it’s been a pleasure working with SaaSAge and all their staff over the years and would recommend them to any other business without hesitation.
Chris Jamieson, Managing Director
…the extra level of service has continued as they provide our IT support so I could not recommend them highly enough.
Ian Sear, Managing Director

I.T. Management Monthly Pricing

Your business is unique and so are it’s requirements. Contact Us today for a customised quote built specifically for you

  • ServiceGuardian bundles from £13 per person
  • TechGuardian bundles from £16 per computer
  • TransitionGuardian from £299, one off
  • CloudGuardian packages from Free