Of course you backup your data. Whether you backup surely isn’t the issue.

What’s important is whether you backup as often as you ought? As well as you might? Are your backups safe? And how about restoring them? How confident are you that you’d restore exactly the right data to exactly the right place? Every single time at the critical time you need it.

Hand on heart. Could your technology, your policy and procedures protect you better in the event of a worst case scenario? A business breaking scenario.

As Resilient as Humanly (and Technologically) Possible

It’s a challenge we face every day. And every day we’re surprised by the scope for improvement in most organisation’s backup systems.

Improvement in the form of a whole range of professional best of breed backup systems.

Solutions that we apply to make our clients data and systems as resilient as humanly (and technologically) possible.

Whatever it Takes

We’ll review procedures. We’ll automate continuous 15 minute system backups. We’ll reduce your Recovery Point Objectives (the time it takes to get a system back up and running) and can aim for 30 minute complete system restoration. We can encrypt then send your data to an off site UK based server. During a major incident we’ll physically drive backup disks or recovery servers to a new site if the old one has been destroyed. Whatever it takes to keep your business running.

From email server failures, to hard disk corruptions, to a single file being lost, now you can recover in minutes.

The Effective Costs of Robust Backup

Put simply; the cost of reliable backup from SaaSAge is a fraction the cost of unreliable backup from anyone else.

Here are just some of the benefits we give you:

  • Peace of mind, an all seeing eye monitors your backups to guarantee they run
  • A watch the watcher system. Can your backup system tell you it’s not running if it’s not running? Ours can. We know exactly when to expect your backups and are alerted when they don’t run.
  • Works on Windows Server, Windows PCs, Mac and Linux
  • Experienced technicians. Expert technicians. Technicians with the softest of soft skills and the hardest of hardware skills.

If the question is one of bulletproof data backup and rock solid date restoration then the answer, without a doubt, is SaaSAge.

Your data is too important to take chances with. Don’t.

Do call 0161 820 7533.

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