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IT Support ManchesterLooking for IT Support? Manchester based? Well you’re certainly not short of IT support options. Just a quick Google search for ‘IT Support Manchester’ will instantly throw up dozens of IT Support companies.

Most saying similar things, making like for like offerings. All parading their credentials, their skills sets, their list of certifications and affiliations.

When the list is so long and so similar how do you compare? On what basis might IT Support companies in Manchester (or anywhere else for that matter) compete? Who should you chose to place your trust with?

It’s not easy.

But here are a few tips guaranteed to set you on the right path.

Manchester IT Support

Of course you’ll want an IT Support provider familiar with your technology. That said unless you run something industry specific then chances are you’ll be using pretty standard systems. The type of generic server, software combinations that most IT support companies will handle day in day out. Sure you may have a couple of unusual bits and pieces but on the whole most technology is pretty consistent. So make sure your long list of potential IT Support companies is geared up to support your technology.

The next thing to do is to take the technology out the equation. Why? Because an IT support company’s ability to handle technology surely is a given. And because it’s a given there’ll be precious little to choose between most support organisations on your list. The difference between the best and worst when it comes to tech smarts is, in truth, unlikely to be great.

No. When it comes to identifying the good, the bad and the indifferent there’s one criteria in particular that should dominate your thinking, your decision making.

Service. And specifically service delivery.

The success of failure of your relationship with your IT Support provider will rely almost entirely on their ability to deliver a top notch service. To fix, to prevent, to handle the unforseeables, to manage the inevitables. And to do it in a way that delivers maximum system performance for minimum disruption.

After all, anyone can talk a great service (and many do) but really when it comes to truly exceptional IT Support in Manchester only a handful of organisations have the big service to back up the big words.

And in truth it’s not necessarily the big words that matter. The best words aren’t big at all. They words from existing clients. The kinds of testimonials, referrals and recommendations that that shine a true light on the true nature of the IT support that’s being delivered.

Look for words like partnership, attentive, quick, friendly, simple, honest – the language of personal commitment, of professional respect. The language that tells you that the relationship is more than just bit and bytes, cold technology, that it exists to make client lives genuinely easier

Because there’s so much more to IT Support than just IT Support.

Something our clients discover very quickly and very happily.

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