Server Virtualisation

Question: When is a server not a server?

Answer: When it’s a virtual server.

Server virtualisation (the Manchester Lancashire version of Manchester Massachusetts’ server virtualization) is the process of digitising your servers. Turning them into files. The partitioning of a physical server into virtual servers that can run their own operating system and applications, performing as individual servers.

By separating from the physical hardware from the software with a virtualisation layer (known as the Hypervisor) businesses enjoy a range of advantages over the traditional physical server approach.

Little wonder that server virtualization is so popular

Here are just a few of the benefits of server virtualisation:

Increased uptime

New ways of managing servers mean you can migrate a complete virtual server between physical hosts. Migration that also includes virtual disk storage, using technologies such as VMware Storage VMotion.
Why storage migration? There are all manner of fault tolerance, high availability, and distributed resource scheduling reasons. Reasons that mean you can quickly recover from unplanned outages and stay operational for longer.

Improved disaster recovery

Because you’re not reliant on any vendor specific piece of hardware you don’t need to rely on identical hardware swaps in the event of failure. Save time and money. Save on pieces of redundant kit lying around idle just in case they’re ever needed.

By rationalising servers to a minimum of physical machines you can more easily create an affordable replication site.

And because your server is virtual it means that you can test failure and recovery scenarios rather than just trusting to luck that when things do go wrong everything will be ok. How comforting would that be? Knowing you’re protected as opposed to hoping you’re protected.

Instant capacity

Boom! You’re there. Additional capacity requests met almost instantly. No POs, no shipping, no cabling, no building, no test, no white knuckle frustrations. Just instant deployment. Instance functionality. Super agile server virtualisation for modern super agile businesses.
Great for testing and development. Great for productivity.

Server Virtualisation Value

Consolidate your technology and save money. More efficiency, better allocation of resources and better performance all lead to the same end result – value. Less infrastructure, less redundancy, more bang for your buck.

Cloud readiness

Server virtualisation is a good way to ‘cloud ready’ both your technology and your thinking, first perhaps by moving from a simple virtualised data centre to a private cloud. A journey that you might want to continue into a cloud hosting service.

Efficient Server Virtualization

Manchester’s certainly not short of IT companies saying all the right things about server virtualisation. But talking a good server virtualisation game and knowing how to deliver a knock our service are two very different things.

Don’t trust to luck.

Especially when you can trust a proven, qualified and highly recommended server virtualisation specialist.

A partner like SaaSAge

Less a question of whether we can help you, more a question of how.

So whether you just need a little information, a question of consolidation across servers, a question of virtual machine densities, of disaster recovery or improved storage or memory access.

Or… you are planning a virtualisation project and want to take a detailed look at both the hardware and software implications – talk to us.

We already help dozens of organisations, plan, prepare and apply successful virtualisation projects.

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