StorageCraft Manchester

You are probably already familiar with the name StorageCraft.

Manchester businesses large and small are quickly catching on to StorageCraft and their range of brilliant Storagecraft Cloud Protect, ShadowProtect Server and ShadowProtect Desktop, backup software and disaster recovery solutions. You may already be one of them.

Why the keen interest in StorageCraft?

Because StorageCraft understands this single incontrovertible fact of modern business life.

That, you are your data.

Lose Your Data and You’ve Lost

The. End. A server can be replaced. A hard drive can be replaced. A connector. A router. A card. They can all be replaced – swapped out. Broken stuff exchanged, job done.

Data can’t. The lifeblood of your organisation if your data takes a walk on the wild side then you’re in trouble. Potentially terminal trouble. That’s why any organisation with anything other than a commercial death wish should do everything in their power to protect their data.

And that’s why the smart businesses of Manchester, StorageCraft savvy businesses, turn to us for their data protection.

‘Failure is not an option,’ StorageCraft

As StorageCraft says on their own website, ‘Failure is not an option’. And they’re right.

So they’ve developed, ’best-in-class backup and disaster recovery software and services for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments’.

And that’s why we partner them. Because they really are the ‘best-in-class backup and disaster recovery software and services for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments’.

  • Back up physical systems, applications and data. Recover folders and files and restore them to the same or replacement hardware
  • Virtual environments too. Backup Windows virtual machines and restore to a hypervisor or physical machine
  • Secure cloud backups. Replicate backups to a public or private cloud and regulate secure data transfer

Whether you’re an SME, Enterprise or home user we can implement StorageCraft to help you:

  • Backup your complete IT environment
  • Recover from any disaster
  • Manage your storage space
  • Eliminate downtime
  • Monitor your defences
  • Take control of your data

Fast, reliable, and complete IT disaster recovery. Backup and disaster recovery, data protection, and migration products and services for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments.

From Mumbai to Manchester

StorageCraft – From London to Los Angeles, Paris to Panama City, Mumbai to Manchester StorageCraft software and technology are now used on millions of systems worldwide for rapid system and data recovery for physical and virtual Windows and Linux machines.

And why not? Powerful, proven and fully supported StorageCraft has quickly established itself as the leading business protection system. Little wonder reviews from the likes of Techradar, PC World and Windows ITPro are so glowing.

And little wonder too that we’ve chosen to partner them. After all, we only work with the best.


If you too only work with the best then call us now on 161 820 7533.

Find out more about StorageCraft and how we can implement the ideal StorageCraft solution to protect your business.