Video Storage Manchester

The are surely few more creative cities in Europe than Manchester at the moment. Creative agencies galore. And an integral and hugely successful part of all that creativity is video production, motion graphics and animation.

And an integral part of those agencies majoring in video production, motion graphics and animation has to be video storage.

Manchester produces terabytes of video daily – it has to be stored somewhere.

Don’t ****up…. backup

More often than not though, those phat files end up stuffed onto external drives here, external drives there, a pen drive on Dave’s desk, a central server across town. High quality, mission critical video shuffled between one rapidly filling device and another, continually at risk of being lost, accidentally wiped or corrupted. It’s a nightmare. Quick to generate and slow to archive efficiently the question of how best to manage the vast amount of video produced each and every day is becoming a management and logistical nightmare.

The Usual Video Storage Suspects

Of course you’re familiar with the cloud storage options out there Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive, Microsoft One Cloud, pCloud, Tresorit, MediaCloud, Apple iCloud the list goes on… and on. You probably use one or more of them in your day to day computing life. And if you do you’ll know only too well that there’s much more to storage than simple signing up to a provider.

Especially when it comes to large volumes of data such as video there are important questions that need to be addressed. Questions of capacity, data transfer rates, of archiving of reliability, of cost.

Questions too of lifespan. Can you, hand on heart, know that one of the smaller video storage providers will even still exist next year? Next month? Next week even? Putting all your eggs into a basket that goes bust, a basket like Nirvanix or Copy or 2e2 could prove disastrous.

Managing Your Video Storage

And how are you going to set up your backups? Technically speaking. What devices will you use? Who will take responsibility for them?

Grabbing the first cloud storage offer that comes your way is all well and good but really – doesn’t your video storage deserve to properly managed? Professionally managed? For your sake and your clients’.

If you’ve already delved into the video storage options then you’ll know only too well that what at first appears a pretty straight forward fix can throw up a host of unknown unknowns. Can be a right royal pain in the 4K.

There’s plenty to get horribly wrong. Grief that you can easily avoid by getting this one thing right at the outset – calling SaaSAge. The simplest, smartest and best value way to make your video storage a thing of blissful calm. A massive problem solved.

Video Storage – A Manchester Case Study

Just take a look at Cuffe & Taylor our Manchester video storage client who we helped work so much simpler and so much safer. And at the same time we applied a level of control and consistency, of rigour to their whole integrated Apple/Windows network so the business was able to run much more effectively.

We can help you too.

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