Wi-Fi and CCTV

Is there anything more annoying than your Wi-Fi dropping out? Or going out of range as soon as you take your laptop to a meeting room or to another desk? And what about slow or intermittent connections? Unproductive, unprofessional and frustrating.

It’s also a clear sign that your Wi-Fi system either isn’t up to the job, hasn’t been configured properly or isn’t being properly managed. Quite probably a combination all three.

Wi-Fi and CCTV on Demand

The good news is that now you can have all the connectivity you want, where you want it, when you want it. It’s easy too.

At SaaSAge we configure both your bandwidth and traffic shaping to let you allocate fast, secure and wide ranging coverage as required. More than just coverage – control.

Control specifically in the form of easy to use Ubiquiti Networks products:

  • Route, secure and manage your network from any Windows server.
  • Attractive access points provide superb reach and blisteringly fast Wi-Fi speeds.
  • No controller device required.
  • No ongoing licensing costs.

Clean, consistent and secure connection throughout your office, your venue, hotel, school, college or university, across your whole site. At a fraction of what it cost only a couple of years ago.

The Internet of Great Things

And of course it might not be just a simple laptop connection that you need. CCTV perhaps. Cameras connected across Wi-Fi and images stored on your central server. Or Wi-Fi public address systems for the college campus, large office or site. Access control. Temperature control. Lighting control. Remote control. wireless VOIP telephony too.

Secure, scalable, high performance Wi-Fi that gives you instant access to the internet of great things.

Measure and Control

Let’s talk. We can look at your office layout, your site, discuss coverage options and explain in detail the many ways that SaaSAge Wi-Fi can make your business both more productive and more secure.

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