True 24 Hour IT Support - For Half The Cost

Cover your night shift with expert support from one of the UK’s leading international managed IT providers.

Cost-effective, outsourced night cover

Providing 24 hour IT support for your clients is expensive isn’t it? There’s a surcharge for your team to work the night shift, and on-call engineers are costly. But there is another way.

You can provide true 24 hour IT support at a fraction of the cost – when you ask SaaSAge to cover your night shift. 15 hours a month, for less than $3,000.

  • Cut your support costs
  • Reduce your response times
  • Free-up your staff
  • Provide a better service

Find out how you can cut the cost of your overnight IT support

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Premium support for your premium clients

A UK-based, expert IT Managed Services firm like SaaSAge is perfectly placed to provide the premium, 24 hour support you offer to your most important clients. Just as your team on the West Coast are finishing their working day, we’re starting ours. As you sign off, we sign on.

We’re on-call to cover any urgent IT support requests during the time when you and your staff are resting up. We answer emergency calls. We diagnose and fix. We hold the fort until your staff are back on shift.

We guarantee our response times to within the hour, so you can meet your SLAs. And you don’t need to worry about waking your engineers in the middle of the night. We’re here, on-call, all throughout the twilight hours – at a fraction of the cost.

It’s the most cost-effective way to cover your night shift. 15 hours of support a month, for less than $3,000.

White Label coverage that’s better for your business

Our white label night shift support isn’t just a huge help to your clients. It’s highly valuable for you too: boosting your reputation, helping you manage workloads, and supporting a better quality of life for your highly trained and well remunerated engineers.

No more long night shifts. No more broken sleep and tired mornings. No more stress about being on call.

We deal with all the immediate requests, and we save low-priority work for your team to pick up in the morning. Effective cost-saving, all around.

And we act as a seamless extension of your business, an integral part of your team. We use your tools, your processes and your systems – all integrated with our set-up in the UK.

The only difference your clients see is enhanced, effective, 24 hour IT support.

Transform your night shift IT support

“Covering our night shift was becoming increasingly difficult. Costs were increasing and our engineers were reluctant to take on the graveyard shift. It limited their abilities in work the next day. But we needed to be prepared for any emergencies with our global clients. Thankfully we found SaaSAge. They help us deliver a better service at a lower price – it’s win win. And now they’re just an extension of our team.”
West Coast, US

We’re trusted by IT providers up and down the West Coast to deliver their premium, 24 hour IT support.

We’re experts in cyber security, Cisco, Meraki and Fortinet, and specialists in Microsoft 365 and Modern Workplace.

And we’re a natural extension of your team. We share the same working practices, the same cultures, and the same native language. We’re all part of the global IT village.

So trust us to cover your night shift, with 15 hours of support a month for less than $3,000.

Trust us to cut your costs, to cut your response times, and to cut the drain on your employees.

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Whatever you need support with, we’re there to help.

With the right technology, the right advice, at the right time.

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