To be clear, I think MS Office 365 is great, but it needs polishing in some areas, these are my top 3;

  1. Improve the One Drive for Business sync tool. It errors too often and with too little information relating to what the error is. Microsoft have tried to remedy this using the Repair function, but this makes a copy of your local files and re-downloads everything that has already synced up to SharePoint Online, but if the file didn’t sync up to SharePoint Online in the first place it now won’t be in your local Onedrive folder. This haphazard ‘fix’ breaks for users confidence in the sync tool.
  2. Give us a definite limit to the number of users who can use a Shared Mailbox in Exchange Online. There is a limit to the number of Outlook users that can access a Shared Mailbox, it usually kicks in around 10-15 connections but seems to depend on the size of the Shared Mailbox and the number of Emails in it. Customers don’t want uncertainty, they want to know. Give us a number that we can quote to customers please Microsoft.
  3. Increase the List View Limit in Sharepoint Online. This is important because if you perform a ‘search’ and it returns more than 5,000 objects then the search stops. This limit is in place to stop one SharePoint Online user affecting the performance of another SharePoint Online user. However the List View limit kicks in when you perform an initial sync of a SharePoint Online library down to your PC using Onedrive for Business. This means you cannot sync a SharePoint Online library with more than 5,000 objects. Baring in mind an object can be a file OR a folder then you can see it’s a ridiculous limit from a usability point of view. I’ve also been told that the List View limit can be bypassed via coding, so why haven’t Microsoft built this into the Onedrive client?

Do you have any more to add?