5 reasons not to use cloud computing

Cloud computing? Not just a big deal. A massive deal. Brando big.

The industry is growing at a phenomenal rate and organisations the world over are spending billions to make sure their online remote servers store, manage and process data faster, safer and more economically than your traditional server huffing and puffing down in the basement.

However, before you leap aboard the cloud train all giddy and excited we thought it only wise to share 5 not necessarily minor issues that you really ought to consider.

  • Change: Too much too soon

A common scenario we hear from SMEs is the belief that change will rock the boat. The notion of ‘We’ve always done it this way’ suddenly becomes the shield against any change even if change fundamentally means change for the better. And let’s be honest, some people hate change. It threatens them.

Companies ready for change and the technology companies that enable it need to understand the importance of seamless transition. That at the same time as IT managers offloaded a massive burden from their shoulders by migrating systems to the cloud, users experience a virtually identical business experience – that’s why MS Office 365 is so successful, the cloud based MS Office experience virtually identical to their PC experience.

  • Privacy: Good evening Mr Snowden… we’ve been expecting you.

Privacy. Privacy. Privacy. It’s all the rage. And so is the concern that if data is stored on the cloud that it’s more at risk from hackers and governments. Not so. Cloud privacy concerns are understandable but the reality is that in truth your data is probably more vulnerable on your local server.

Why? Because for any cloud service integrity is their currency. They live and die by the standard of their security, how safely data is stored, used, accessed and the encryption used to make sure that only the authorised have proper authority. Who’d want to be in Talk Talks shoes at the moment – 150,000 accounts hacks… and counting. Ouch.

The Cost – Sorry we’re over budget

This is a funny one. One of the main advantages of adopting cloud computing is to take advantage of cost savings but  for some reason people think that because cloud technology is relatively new, it will somehow cost you an ARM and a leg. Not so.

Here at SaaSAge we tailor our products and service to your exact requirements. No fat. All lean. So whether your need a full comprehensive system migration or just a little help to guide your IT department, hardware costs are kept to an absolute cost effective minimum.

  • Customer service

It’s true. There are cloud computing providers who’ve let the side down when it comes to timely and informed support. And because the cloud promises real time functionality anything less than realtime issue resolution can only be defined as promise unfulfilled . Fortunately whereas once weak support may have been a real concern to IT managers considering the cloud, these days, customer service levels have matured rapidly throughout the industry.

  • Control… and the perceived lack of

For some companies, the idea of retaining IT services and infrastructure in-house gives makes sense. It’s worth the ongoing responsibility and costs of maintaining hardware, licensing, installing patches and having the in-house teams in place to support their systems. It all depends on what’s trying to be achieved.

In other cases it makes more sense to migrate IT services and infrastructure to the cloud, to move sidestep all the hardware arms race headaches and support costs.

The best option for you?

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