Here at SaasAge data backup is a topic extremely close to our hearts. Why? Because hard drives die, power fails, stuff goes wrong, people too. We see it time and time again. And with data the lifeblood of any business when backups fail, business runs the risk of failing too – sometimes terminally. You don’t need us to tell you that.

We’ve all heard the horror stories – organisations thrown into states of panic and petrification as a result of backup blunders. Learn from their mistakes and do what you have to so to avoid becoming a victim too.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common and effective issues when it comes to backing up.

Two is the magic number

When it comes to data backup, it’s good practice for any business to store a copy of the copy.  Company financial records, customer details and supplier contracts are too important to take chances with. Don’t. Back them up. Twice.

Synchronisation is a critical aspect of double data copies. The best way to achieve that goal is to through the cloud, replicating the backups you’ve made in your office to secure storage off-site.


Data backup isn’t cheap and though costs are coming down – increased usage can often make up for lower storage costs –  you’d be wise to budget generously to store increasing amounts of data. After all, you can never have too much space to store data. Remember also that other cost considerations come into play as well, matters such as your recovery point objective (the maximum amount of data loss that you allow) and recovery time objective (the maximum amount of time you allow a system to be down).  

The general consensus is Network Attached Storage (NAS) is the most economical option though whatever solution you deploy it should be as comprehensive as possible to cover as many potential data loss scenarios as possible.

Talk to us about backup

Hand on heart how reliable is your backup process? How secure are your backup copies. Are they encrypted? How effective are your data restoration procedures and when was the last time you tested them? Any answer less than 100% spells potential disaster. Head off trouble at the pass by calling us for a free and confidential back up evaluation. Our experienced and expert IT professionals get to understand your business, your recovery point objects and your recovery time objects. From there we will guide you through the latest data backup requirements, the latest technology and the latest best practices.

Small SME or a large enterprise – it’s irrelevant, the only thing that really matters is that your data is secure. Talk to us for data storage advice and.

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