The Scenario.

  • A huge pharmaceutical company requiring a complete replacement of their Servers and IT Equipment.
  • Minimum disruption would be of the utmost importance.
  • All work to be completed over a single weekend.

In the words of Verbal Kint, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, poof. He’s gone.” Without stretching the metaphor too far, this too should be expected of a decent IT Support team. It was certainly the expectation of Octapharma.

The Epitome of Stealth.

When it came to replacing and restructuring their servers and upgrading their staffs’ single 19″ screen computers with dual 24″ mounted screens and Microsoft Surface touchscreen tablets, SaaSAge were the epitome of stealth. They were onsite doing the sorting, the construction, the configuring over a weekend and then, like that, *poof* – they were gone.

Most of the Octapharma staff were blissfully unaware of their contribution – the only evidence of their visit some nice new kit and a more efficient, more robust future proofed system.

Says Sue Griffin UK General Manager of Octapharma UK, “When it comes to IT, for a business to not know that something complex has gone on in the background, for us to have had a major IT change without any business disruption, is a sign of success. A major benefit.”

Planning is Key.

Of course these things don’t just happen. There was careful planning over a 6 month period with the help of Andrew Keighley (a member of Sues team). ‘It was well thought through,” says Sue, “and it worked well. We specified the equipment, and did the training. Andrew’s team took care of the kit and the software.”

“Very effective teamwork. A good balance in the working relationship. If you’ve got an IT provider you shouldn’t expect them to do everything, nor should you do everything. What’s important is that you should be able to work together well – you need a good balance. That’s what we have with SaaSAge.”

Part of the Team.

There’s much more to the relationship than just special projects like server replacement. Says Sue, “I think of them as part of Octapharma, but not in the room. That’s how it should be for an IT provider.”

And a good thing too that we’re on hand day to day ready to step in should disaster strike.

A case in point, and one that typifies the kind of support that Octapharma enjoy, was a recent power failure in their office. SaaSAge were alerted during morning checks and were on the road by 08:40 heading to their offices to get them back up and running. The issue was fixed by 10:00. No prompting. No messing about. Just clear and full communication. Job done.


Would Sue recommend SaaSAge? “Yes, I would. Of course, I would. If I wasn’t happy to recommend them I’d get rid of them. Well you would, wouldn’t you?”

Thanks Sue. Endorsements don’t get any more unequivocal than that!