The Scenario.

  • A business left exposed after the loss of their much loved and incredibly talented IT Manager.
  • 63 UK Users and 34 in China, all relying on one system.
  • Old, unmaintainable hardware with no in-house expertise to care for it.

Making a Decision.

With sites in Salford, UK and Suzhou, China, both relying on the system, something needed to be done. After reaching out to a number of local support providers, Dean Seddon, Managing Director at Speedy Products, called in Andrew Doyle of SaaSAge to talk through things and evaluate their systems look over the system.

Says Dean, “There was an instant synergy. We could see he clearly understood our situation and even better was able to give us the intensive care we needed, to help us pull out the old unmaintainable hardware and streamline our technology.”

“Without Andrew’s help we’d have had to bring in at least two in house specialists to take care of the system. Three probably. What’s that? A minimum salary spend of £100k a year.”

Ongoing Support.

“Now Andrew’s on the team and anything we want to do as an IT project is run through him. He’s great as a sounding board, someone to bounce ideas off. A proper business thinker.”

“His guys are great too, they come along as and when. They give us help when we require it and share a valuable independent view. It’s like having in house IT – there’s never an issue – and unlike a lot of I.T. experts the communication is instant and clear. Understandable.”

“And over the years we’ve certainly given them plenty to do,” says Dean. “There’s many a time he’s pulled us out of the fire!”

A Case in Point.

Like the time the main server collapsed, just as the company was about to go ‘live’ using Google Apps. “The re-configuring, the reloading, the testing… Andrew’s team worked through it all. They absolutely nailed it,” says Dean. “It would have taken days to get back up and running with anyone else. I’m sure of that.”

Or, the time that the company moved onto a SAP ERP system so they could be fully cloud based. Only one problem – the SAP scanners wouldn’t work. “Our ERP was absolutely failing. Abysmally,” says Dean, “despite SaaSAge testing and re-jigging everything, it was hopeless.” Fortunately, Andrew went in and helped Speedy find the right product to resolve the scanning nightmare.

Or the time, before Speedy Products were using fibre optic, that their WiFi failed. Completely. Whilst optics were being set up, all the WiFi was down. So, SaaSAge constructed a temporary yet elegant 4G phone workaround – and, because they were using Google Drive it meant that the company’s email and admin were still functioning well.


We’re a £10 – £12 million turnover business with only 2 people in IT thanks to Andrew’s input,” adds Dean. “I’d be looking at 5 or 6 without SaaSAge – especially as we run ERP. As referred to earlier, just three extra salaries would easily equate to more than £100k a year.”

“It’s definitely good business working with SaaSAge”, concludes Dean. “Really good for our business too.”