SaaSAge Case Study – Allixo

Why did Allixo, a West Coast US IT Managed Service Provider, partner with SaaSAge to deliver improved client service, better employee work/life balance and reduced workloads?

Their Results

  • Full night shift cover for a fraction of the cost
  • Continued, uninterrupted outstanding customer service
  • A healthier work/life balance for staff members
  • An ongoing strategic partnership


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Our Client: Allixo – IT’s Safer Here

Ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, Allixo is a leading modular cyber security and IT services provider on the West Coast.

Specialising in IT support for teleradiologist practices, they deliver round-the-clock assistance to hospitals, research centres and health care facilities across the country. But 24 hour support places extreme demands on the company’s resources.

Their Challenge: Deliver expert 24/7 support without compromise

Teleradiologists work all hours in caring for their patients, often reviewing data and sharing scans in the middle of the night. That means an Allixo engineer ready and waiting in the middle of the night too, solving the technical problems that prevent medical professionals doing their jobs.

But on the whole, the IT infrastructure in place across the teleradiologists’ facilities operated smoothly. There were just one or two queries a night from individuals who might need help saving files, uploading scans or troubleshooting a connectivity issue.

Certainly not enough support requests to justify an expensive, full-time night shift worker or an outsourced engineer.

So it fell to the Allixo team to provide that night shift cover. To work during the day in their usual roles and be on call throughout the night to answer urgent queries and resolve critical technical issues.

To burn the candle at both ends.

It was placing a huge demand on Allixo staff with interrupted sleep every single night. A five minute service call or a ten minute fix still meant an hour awake. Even on those rare nights where support was not required, employees would still face interrupted sleep with the anticipation of a call.

It wasn’t healthy, it wasn’t cost-effective, and it wasn’t sustainable.

Our Solution: Secure outsourced expertise from the UK

While the demands on Allixo staff were high, a full-time night shift employee or a US-based on-call engineer was simply not an option. The costs were just too prohibitive.

So the team turned their search for outsourced IT support further afield. Across the Atlantic to another time zone, where night shift premiums wouldn’t be relevant since any service calls would take place during normal business hours.

Although India seemed like the obvious choice for an outsourced customer service centre, Allixo were concerned about language and cultural barriers. They needed to provide a seamless, indistinguishable support service to their teleradiologist clients.

And they found a perfect extension of their own team with SaaSAge.

Through a carefully considered knowledge sharing process, our UK-based experts were able to become Allixo during their night shift operations.

We flew to the Allixo offices in Washington State to demonstrate our abilities, learn directly from their team and ensure our cultures fitted together seamlessly. We then welcomed Allixo’s Teleradiology IT Service Lead to our UK office for a further three days of knowledge sharing and training with their SaaSAge counterparts.

The shipping of a dedicated laptop from Allixo gave both parties further guarantees that the strictest security protocols would always be followed – and allowed Allixo to assure their clients in turn.

By committing to this comprehensive onboarding process, as we would with any client, we laid the strong foundations for a long-term partnership.

With expertise proven, knowledge shared and oversight in place, the SaaSAge team had full access to Allixo’s processes and ticketing system. Everything we needed to take over their night-shift IT support.

Their Results: Uninterrupted service, uninterrupted sleep and a perfect partnership

With our team of SaaSAge experts clocking on as the Allixo staff clock off, we’re able to maintain that seamless level of IT support throughout the night for a fraction of the cost of a US-based outsourced solution.

More importantly, we’ve transformed the work/life balance for key members of the Allixo team who no longer need to worry about being woken once or twice a night, every night.

Dealing directly with the teleradiologists who need assistance, we now address an average of 30 support tickets a month, tackling all urgent aspects of IT and tech support (and logging issues that aren’t time sensitive for Allixo staff to address on their return).

We maintain constant communication with Allixo using Microsoft Teams, and can escalate any incident in an instant, if it’s a critical problem that needs direct Allixo assistance.

Monthly catch-ups, on-going training for new Allixo procedures and regular knowledge shares ensure the two teams work seamlessly together as one.

With assured expertise on demand – and a perfect culture fit – SaaSAge act as an uninterrupted extension of Allixo, and it pays dividends for their staff and their clients.

Customer satisfaction remains extremely high, and Allixo support staff now enjoy a full night’s sleep 98% of the time.

Building on the trust established, SaaSAge and Allixo are now working as trans-Atlantic strategic partners with a view to expanding the 24 Hour IT Support service

The Detail

Their Challenge

  • Provide continuous 24 hour IT support to large network of teleradiologists
  • US-based outsourced support too expensive
  • Strain growing on internal team covering the night shift
  • Poor work/life balance and inability to expand service

Our Solution

  • UK-based outsourced IT expertise to cover their night shift
  • Quick and easy integration into existing systems
  • Full security access and ticket system connectivity
  • A seamless extension of their own IT team

Their Results

  • Full night shift cover for a fraction of the cost
  • Continued, uninterrupted outstanding customer service
  • A healthier work/life balance for staff members
  • An ongoing strategic partnership

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