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SaaSAge Case Study – MCRactive

Better communication, improved collaboration and closer teamwork with SaaSAge Modern Workplace


“It all worked really nicely and culturally with the team, and it was great having new equipment on the desk. The response has been fantastic.”

Working together is the hallmark of any successful sports team, but at MCRactive, existing IT infrastructure was letting the side down.

Externally, staff were inspiring and encouraging Greater Manchester to get more active and get involved with team sports. Internally, they were struggling to work together efficiently and reach the goals they’d set for themselves.

But with our coaching expertise, deploying new strategies and new tools, we set out to change that.

The Client: MCRactive

MCRactive is a Manchester City Council initiative to drive sport and physical activity across Manchester. The organisation is tasked with inspiring and encouraging everyone – of every age – to lead a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Leading the narrative and focused on engagement across the city, MCRactive are responsible for over 800 publicly accessible sport and leisure facilities in the Greater Manchester area.

Over 50 staff members work within the organisation, creating campaigns, liaising with facilities, sharing insights and monitoring activity. 

The Challenge: The Risk of Change from Ageing Technology and a Poor Service Provider

Struggling with the same challenges that hold back many organisations, MCRactive had seemingly been penned back into their own half.

Their existing, long-term IT services provider was not living up to expectations, lacking in commitment, care and attention. The technology in their offices was complex and their remote desktop infrastructure was costly.

And their entire setup was quickly becoming outdated.

“We wanted to move away from the incumbent. The feeling was that we were a small fish. We weren’t getting the Account Management or levels of service we had originally received. We had experienced a few slips [in service] that were serious,” said Kevin Carter, Head of Central Support.

Add to this the challenge of merging teams and data from two separate organisations.

MCRactive faced a difficult choice. Stick with their existing provider and hope things would improve, or risk switching to a new IT provider – the disruption, the problems, the unknown…

But switching to the right IT provider shouldn’t be a risk at all.

The Solution: An Error-Free Transition and a Powerful New Modern Workplace

Given that poor technology and poor service was holding them back, MCRactive decided to create a robust tender process.

They wanted to find a partner who could help them update their complex and ageing technology, who could work closely with their organisation.

“Getting the contract right was important, but that was secondary to building a strong relationship,” said Kevin.

That’s when SaaSAge stepped up.

We don’t just update an organisation’s technology, we transform it. We don’t just work for a business, we partner with them. We get to know all their problems and challenges, and we provide the tools and processes to solve them. One size does not fit all.

Right away, we put MCRactive’s mind at ease about the move to a new IT provider.

With our 185-point onboarding checklist, there’s minimal risk and minimal hassle when switching service providers. We monitor every part of the handover, making sure nothing is missed and reducing downtime to an absolute minimum.

It built a strong relationship with the MCRactive team from the outset.

The move to Microsoft 365 went fantastically smoothly,” commented Kevin. 

And to help MCRactive staff improve their communication, their collaboration and their productivity, we deployed our Modern Workplace – a powerful, cost-effective ecosystem that streamlines and improves everyday IT operations.

Underpinned by Microsoft 365 and placing simplicity at its core, it provided everything the MCRactive team needed:

  • Secure and efficient remote working
  • Essential productivity tools
  • Easy-to-use communication tools
  • New, effective technology across the business
  • Efficient, productive IT that didn’t need a second thought

And behind the scenes, SaaSAge deployed essential updates to bolster data security and compliance for the entire organisation – from on-site servers to mobile devices.nge

The Result: An efficient, collaborative IT setup that mirrors the culture of MCRactive – and brought improvements in every metric.

“It all worked really nicely and culturally with the team, and it was great having new equipment on the desk. The response has been fantastic.”

SaaSAge transformed operations and opinions.

We didn’t just become their new IT services provider. We became their partner, helping MCRactive grow, helping them improve their internal operations, and helping them realise what was possible with effective, efficient managed IT services and security.

We maximised productivity with smarter, more efficient Microsoft 365 technology.

We increased collaboration between all employees – and external partners – using powerful tools including Teams and OneDrive.

We minimised the risk of security breaches and improved compliance with increased monitoring and more effective software.

And most importantly, we became what MCRactive needed. A trusted partner.

By focusing on collaboration, on flexibility and on our unique Nimble Account Management program, we’ve been able to work closely with the entire MCRactive team. We anticipate issues, we resolve those that do occur immediately and we plan for the future together.

“We get unprompted praise passed back to us within the team… We’re using chat more for communications…. Some are raving about how they can use Teams… What is outstanding is that any issues are dealt with smoothly,” added Kevin

Our Modern Workplace and Nimble Account Management has helped MCRactive maximise their investment in a new IT services provider and transformed their operations in line with the culture they value.

And with the right support, a team like this is unstoppable.

The Detail

The Challenges 

  • Ageing, complex desktop technology
  • Poor service and unresponsive account management from incumbent IT provider
  • The need to merge data and teams from two separate organisations
  • The risk of moving to a new IT provider

The Solution

  • A 185-point onboarding checklist to minimise any risk of handover to a new IT provider
  • Deployment of SaaSAge Modern Workspace to transform productivity across the organisation
  • New, more efficient, easier-to-use technology and software for all staff
  • Greater control over security and compliance across the board

The Results

  • A seamless transition to the new IT setup with minimal downtime and disruption
  • Improved productivity, collaboration and communication from every team member
  • Reduced risk of security breaches and non-compliance
  • Exceptional service levels and on-going support
  • Outstanding feedback from staff on IT help, and improved response times
  • A strong, effective partnership to help MCRactive through every future challenge

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