How Hackers get your password (and how to protect yourself)

Hackers are getting smarter and breaches are increasing. Here are the key password threats and how to address them:   1. Users – Got trust issues? Not telling anyone your password to anyone is the best thing you can do. As soon as you share a password you’ve lost control. Don’t email or message passwords […]

Imagine waking up one morning…

An honest broker

Imagine waking up one morning and all of your IT system had been encrypted. Nothing is accessible. For 5000 students, and 1000 staff life was on hold. Back in August/September we assisted Myerscough College in recovering from such a devastating Cyber Attack. One of the most intense projects we’ve been involved in. Here is an […]

When was the last time you left a window open in your office on purpose?

Managing Directors – When was the last time you left a window open in your office on purpose?  Never?   Why not?  Is it because you would be inviting thieves in to steal the equipment in your office?   If so, then when was the last time that you asked your IT service provider to give you a list of open ports […]

Five Key Areas to Focus on for Secure Remote Working Practices

Just a few years ago, remote working was something only the most progressive, hippest new Silicon Valley start-ups practiced. Now almost every organisation has been forced to shift their operations and infrastructure to a remote working model. Normally that kind of shift would take months of planning. But it happened overnight. No organisation is going […]