“Firms buy insurance “in mad panic” as cyber-attacks soar”– This is just one of many headlines that have hit the news in the last few months. In response to the GDPR deadline and with cyber-crime at an all time high, it is no wonder that businesses are in a fluster, trying to work out the best way to protect themselves.

So, what is the best way? Is Cyber Essentials right for your business? How does it work alongside the IASME Governance Standard?

What is Cyber Essentials?                                                                                                                           

Launched in 2014, Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme that was created with the aim of raising awareness of common cyber threats. Companies are urged to look at what measures they have in place to guard against such threats.

Companies should be commended for their efforts to become more Cyber Aware, but just thinking about it isn’t enough! Seeing a security weakness, or potential breach, is like seeing a traffic light on red and driving through it anyway. You put yourself at risk of a crash!

In conjunction with SaaSAges Guardian Services, Cyber Essentials Certification can provide an organisation with the necessary help needed to demonstrate their commitment to security. This certification is recognised by the Government, and your business will be listed in a directory of Cyber Essentials certified organisations. It also uphold the obligations set out in Article 24 of the GDPR. Best of all SaaSAge will help you achieve certification.

IASME is the leading Accreditation Body for the Cyber Essentials scheme. This governance standard, Information Assurance for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (IASME) is designed as a security benchmark. It uses similar principles to ISO 27001 (a framework for monitoring and improving Information Security Management Systems). Recognition of this benchmark can be used to assure businesses and their customers that information kept with them is safe in all respects.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification can bring a whole host of benefits to your organisation: Bring peace of mind to your current customers by reassuring them that your IT systems are secure against attacks, while attracting new business by advertising your certification.

Cyber Essentials Certification can be achieved through three simple steps:

  1. Seek the help of a Certification Body– If you were to choose to gain certification through SaaSAge, for example, we offer assistance throughout the questionnaire and can verify the application.
  2. Verify that you meet the standards set by Cyber Essentials – Your certification body can help you to assess whether your IT Systems are suitably secure.
  3. Fill out the Questionnaire – Your certification body can help explain any technical questions asked, verify your answers and then award you with your Cyber Essentials Certificate.

Cyber Essentials and Beyond…

The word “essential” is defined as doing what is “absolutely necessary or extremely important”. So, while Cyber Essentials Certification is “extremely important”, it does what it says on the tin – it covers the essentials. Certification is only the start of your organisations journey to achieve maximum security measures and GDPR compliance.