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The threat of a cyber attack is ever present and ever evolving, so your cyber security services need to be the same. Ever present and ever evolving. Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to penetrate your defences and attack your business. You need to be at the top of your game to stay ahead, to keep your security as tight as possible.

You need peace of mind. Nothing left to chance. That’s what you get with SaaSAge. We build up your cyber security to strong, industry-standard levels. Then we incorporate even stronger levels of protection throughout all our IT services. Along with 24/7 monitoring and regular updates. Cyber security the SaaSAge way.

Get SaaSAge Cyber Essentials Protection

As one of the only IASME certified organisations in the North West, all our cyber security services start with Cyber Essentials certification.

A Government-backed scheme, Cyber Essentials is the simple, effective way to make sure your organisation has the core foundations in place to protect it from cyber threats.

We take you through a comprehensive checklist to make sure you have all the cyber security essentials in place across your business. Where you don’t, we help you implement. Where there are gaps, we help you plug them.

And then because we’re a qualified, certifying IASME organisation, we can assess your cyber security and issue your Cyber Essentials certificate.

But we don’t stop with that certification. We help keep your business secure with extra products, extra services and extra knowledge.

Cyber Essentials

The Cyber Security Knowledge and Tools Your Organisation Needs

SaaSAge Cyber Security starts with Cyber Essentials, but it’s built up around our expert insight, regular learnings and best-in-class security tools.

We use a wide range of advanced security and monitoring tools to maintain a constant state of vigilance across all your IT operations. We’re always looking for weak points, always identifying vulnerabilities and always deploying fixes.

All the tools we use are carefully evaluated by our security team. We regularly test new tools to find the best-in-market – those that provide best security and best price – to deliver maximum value for your organisation.

And we’re always sharing our security knowledge, through regular content and staff training, to keep your team aware of the latest threats and the skills needed to protect your organisation. This includes online training sessions, remote-working checklists and in-house workshops.

Collaborative Cyber Security is at the heart of what we do

Cyber security is an integral part of all our IT Managed Services. It’s always front of mind – as it should be – in every process, every install, every piece of monitoring.

We deploy a range of cyber security services for all our clients, including network monitoring, vulnerability scanning, password management tools and endpoint security.

And then we take what we learn from our clients and apply those findings across all the organisations we work with. If we spot a flaw in the set-up of a third-party tool at one business, we check that tool across all our businesses. If a vulnerability is exploited in one location, we deploy a fix across all our clients.

Cyber Security Support Across Your Whole Organisation and Beyond

No cyber security is 100% invulnerable. And where attacks happen on our watch, we’re open and honest about it. We pinpoint the issue and we learn from what went wrong – applying those learnings across all our clients to prevent the same or similar vulnerabilities opening up again.

We install 24/7 monitoring devices as standard and deploy immediate actions for serious incidents.

And we extend our security coverage beyond your organisation too:

Supply Chain Security

We monitor and audit the security of your suppliers and your supply chain, making sure the businesses you work with aren’t putting your organisation at risk.

Home Working Security

With big changes in the way we’re all working, we make sure security is never an afterthought. We analyse risks and protect your team wherever they’re logging in from, to help those at home stay vigilant and secure their own networks.

Expert Security Response If Your Business Suffers a Cyber Attack

We don’t just work proactively with businesses either. We’re often brought in after a cyber-attack as a safe, secure pair of hands and a calming presence.

We help provide the in-depth knowledge when organisations are dealing with a cyber attack and don’t know what to do next. We help make plans, provide resources and work through the backlog to resolve problems and secure your business.

And then we work with internal teams to make sure the threat never happens again.

Desktop As A Service

Get Your Cyber Security Gap Analysis Today

If you’re concerned about your organisation’s cyber security or you want to make sure your business is fully protected against the latest threats, start with our Gap Analysis.

Using a comprehensive auditing process and multi-point cyber security checklist, we’ll run a two-day analysis of all your systems, networks and IT operations to spot weak points and secure your entire organisation.

It delivers absolute peace of mind, with nothing left to chance.

Complete Cyber Security, compliance and peace of mind, delivered by the safest hands, the smartest people, and the best technology.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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