Don’t be a Data Dave

So I was sat at my desk the other morning, minding my own Facebook. I jest. In truth I was working on the IT Service Manchester page for the website if you must know, when my Zen-like oneness was politely interrupted.

A gentle knock at the SaaSAge HQ door from an exceptionally nice chap from the 2nd Floor. “Dave” as he introduced himself – the senior surveyor from a very good Manchester construction company –  a very good Manchester construction company that shall remain nameless.

Dave didn’t have an IT Support solutions contract with us but he did have a problem. Being the generous type I was only too happy to try and help.

Handing me a USB stick he whispered. “It’s dead. As dead as Ken Dodd’s dad’s dog. Can you bring it back to life?”  

Poor Dave – the drive contained all their recent technical drawings.

Not only was the integrity of this mission critical information in the balance, we’d have to send the drive off and wait a couple of days for the damage to be assessed. Tick tock.

Not good. Not good either that it would cost Dave £200 just to find out – for better or worse.

Bad for Dave’s business. Bad for Dave’s mental equilibrium.

Especially when his distress was so easily avoidable.

As it is for all our clients. All our clients whose businesses rely on having quick, safe and reliable access to their data.

You know that data? That data you rely on? The spreadsheets, the technical drawings, the customer database? The stuff you’ve stashed on external hard drives and USB sticks and wherever? The stuff that if it vanished or went pop would send you and your business into a tailspin? The stuff you say you’ll get around to making sure you have proper back ups for but don’t?

That stuff.

The data we all take for granted until it’s beyond reach.

Know this. There’s no shortage of great data storage options. And neither is there an excuse for not putting something in place.

Automated Google Drive or OneDrive backups for example.

So please. Don’t be a Dave.

Do contact us.

We can tell you everything you need to know about how to quickly easily and very cost effectively protect your business from lost data nightmares.

Don’t put it off.

Call 0161 820 7533 and let’s get your data backup sorted out once and for all. Before it’s too late.