data protection

Is data protection at the forefront of your business priority?

Do you want better protection for sensitive data?

Businesses are under pressure to minimise holes that may compromise the security of sensitive data. Customers demand it. Industries demand it. Government demand it.

Where to begin with data protection?

A good place to start is the government Data Protection Act. Businesses are duty bound to adhere to the ‘data protection principles’ set out to safeguard personal information from unwanted agents.

Principles to ensure information is ‘used fairly and lawfully’, ‘handled according to people’s data protection rights’, and last but not least ‘kept safe and secure’. It’s clear, concise, and relevant. No beating around the bush. No confusing messages.

The challenges for businesses operating in the modern world where data is store online or on the cloud are enormous. The consequences can be catastrophic.

Is there a sophisticated fix?

Data encryption the way to go

Organisations that adopt the latest technologies to protect data are ones to survive. Data must be protected like secret service protects the US president. Data make or break a business. TalkTalk is prime example. No one is out of the firing line. If it can happen to a big organisation like them, it can happen to anyone. Data is gold mine.

Data security experts recommend adopting full disk, removable media, and email encryption to protect sensitive information. Most organisations are complex by nature. Work groups, team boundaries, departments. The way to deal with data in such environment is to allow a fully secured collaboration between them.

How is the data secured?

Technology can do awesome things. Imagine converting data into an unreadable format and limiting access by inputting the correct password. The full disk encryption capability ensures data is protected to the max from unwanted intrusion.

In addition it’s all in compliance with data security regulation, whether your organisation is in government, finance, or education.

You can extend this to USB drive encryption and email contents encryption. Everything is secure. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Cloud based encryption

Everything is cloud based. Data is controlled and secured no matter where users are working. Data is protected in the office, at home, and even abroad. Encryption can be started and managed remotely too. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone. All you need is an internet connection.

Want to protect data? Ready to adopt powerful encryption capabilities?

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