Google Drive performance problems can be frustrating, you’re accessing the system via a browser so it should just work right? Unfortunately there are a lot of steps that take place and if you’ve performed the basic checks (testing Google Drive on a different PC on the same network, testing on a different PC on a different network) and Google Drive still has performance issues then these are the next steps to follow;

We’ll need two .har files from you in Chrome Incognito mode. We’ll need one .har file from the main network affected and one from a separate network. Please do the following to gather this information:

1. Launch Google Chrome and open a new incognito window by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + N (on a Mac, use CMD + SHIFT + N).
2. Open the ‘Developer Tools’ window by clicking CTRL + SHIFT + I (on a Mac, use CMD + SHIFT + I).
3. In the Developer Tools window, click on the ‘Network’ tab.
4. To begin recording HTTP headers, click on the black circle at the bottom of the Developer Tools window. The circle will turn red to indicate that recording has been turned on.
5. Next, login to your Google Apps account at and attempt to reproduce the network issue.
6. Once you have reproduced the issue, you can stop recording by clicking the circle again. It will turn black to indicate that recording has been turned off.
7. The Developer Tools window will display all of the ‘requests’ that have been captured.
8. To save the HTTP headers, right-click on one of these requests (any one will do) and select the option to ‘Save all as HAR’.

Send your Google Apps Reseller the .har files and ask them to log the issue with Google, or send them to us at and we’ll do it for you.