As you would expect in our day to day work as IT support providers we deal with a lot of technical systems, servers, networking and computers being just a few. Business owners and directors invest a lot of money in protecting these systems from failure, the primary reason for this is to ensure that should these systems fail the affect this have on the day to day running of their business is minimal.

One area that almost always falls through this gap however is Domain Names, ours is, yours will be something like

A Domain Name is your businesses communication gateway to the internet. It’s the mechanism by which people send Emails to you or find you in the internet. It’s absolutely vital that it remains in a fully working state, if it isn’t then your Email and website will stop, your business will stop.

If we compared the importance of your Domain Name to that of your office/factory keys, would you allow another organisation to control the access to your office or factory? Absolutely you wouldn’t.

Far too often I see just this. Business owners hand control of their Domain Names (and another system called DNS that sits behind your Domain Name, equally is important) to 3rd party organisations such as their IT company or web developer.

From experience web developers, and to a lesser extent some IT support providers, do not understand the full consequence of the services a Domain Name provides to a business, all too often we have to urgently resolve issues caused by planned changes to Domain Names that have stopped Emails coming into a business. I have just resolved one such incident (prompting this post) where a web developer transferred a Domain Name into their hosting but gave no thought to the impact this would have on Email.

What should you do to protect yourself?

Quite simply gain control of your Domain Name and DNS in the same way you would any valuable business asset. You want your Domain Name and DNS in an account that only people in your business have the password to access and change.

There is a process that you should go through to ensure that the transfer goes seamlessly and you don’t accidentally stop your Email arriving or take your website down. Email me for a copy of this process, I’ll happily pass it on.