IT support contracts renewal

It’s that time of year again. And no we’re not talking about the annual mince pie and broken resolution fest as Xmas slumps into jowly January.

We’re talking about IT support contract renewal time. Your auto renewal – as gentle as a breeze, as silent as a thought. And as if my magic…. there you are, committed for a another year.

Committed to what?

Another year of ‘hands off’ invisible tech support? Another year of ‘if it ain’t broke’? Another year when paying your IT support feels more like an expensive insurance policy than an investment in a specialist partner there to help your business grow?

Probably. And you wouldn’t be alone. Most businesses take a worst case scenario approach to IT Support rather than a best use of tech approach.

Shame. Because with challenge and choice almost infinite and opportunity evolving faster than a fast thing being fast the last thing you want to do is to sleepwalk into the same old same old.

Ask yourself

So ask yourself this. Is it time for a fresh approach? Hand on heart, how well have things run over recent years? What sort of advice have you been given on new technologies to adopt?  What genuinely useful tips and tricks has your support provider shared over the last 12 months? Do they talk to you about wins – about cost savings, increasing productivity, uptake, ROI? Or is everything focused on the negative – breakdowns, fails, damage limitation and loss aversion? What do they materially do to prove that they genuinely have your best interests at heart?

And… have you even see your IT support team on site over the last year?  

IT contract renewal is no joke. You probably spend a small fortune making sure that everything runs smoothly. An investment that deserves so much more than just passive post problem fixes.

New technologies – New age

Innovation? It’s all over the place. You can barely move for new technologies these days. Cloud computing is prime example. And as tech has evolved so support contracts and delivery have had to evolve too. Yours?

A modern, flexible, nimble and long term strategy has become essential. And so too has the role of your IT support partner. Not just there to pick up the pieces when things go wrong but there to advise and assist. A strategic partner carefully studying the marketplace, able to offer preventative support, business building support and of course all emergency support you would expect.

SLA – High expectations

Aim high.

Your Service Level Agreement (SLA); make it tough – but make it fair. Most of all make the most of your IT Support company’s added value. The stuff beyond just traditional IT support. That you’ll get Gold Star quality support in a way should be taken as a given.

Of course your supplier must adhere to standard of service and timetable of delivery. Of course there’s a clear escalation procedure. Of course there are benchmarks to ensure services are delivered and a framework to meet compliance and legal issues. And all the rest.

Why would you use anyone that offered less?

It’s the extra insights and guidance that will make all the difference.

Maintenance agreement that deliver competitive advantage

Every successful business has a successful support agreement. It’s one of the ways you stay one step ahead of competition. From smooth IT operations to emergency control to efficiency maximised to money made – the benefits are many.

Benefits that start with the appreciation that there’s so much more to a successful IT Support contract than IT Support.

Don’t get auto rescrewed. Don’t sleepwalk into another year of underwhelming IT Support.

Do call us.

Every great IT Support contract begins with a conversation.

Let’s have one on 0161 820 7533