Google Apps to MS Office 365 Migration

Microsoft – the first name in business computing since… since… forever. Synonymous with all things business, all things computing, Microsoft has been the go to option for organisations worldwide for the best part of thirty years. MS Office 365 the cornerstone of businesses from Boston to Birmingham to Bangalore to Brisbane.

Especially when the competition (in this case Google) is suffering apps outages – Gmail gremlins recently interfering with the working day of businesses across the USA, Europe and Australia.

Not good. Here are just a couple of comments posted over at

Lynn: “email down on all my devices. C R Y I N G. Need it for work!”

YoYo: “about 5k users are not having connectivity to Gmail at our office 🙁 since 11AM CST”

Little wonder that many frustrated business owners and IT Managers are looking long and hard at MS Office 365.

And with Google Apps to MS Office 365 migration a relatively straightforward affair when your team know what they’re doing, who wouldn’t want to sidestep performance and uptime issues by taking the Microsoft route?

Considering Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 migration options?

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