Do you want your team to stay connected across your organisation?

Have you tried the Google Apps amazing features?

Google Apps for business is a must if you want your team to better engage, collaborate, share ideas, and work effortlessly on the same project.

In this article we will discover Google Apps tools with awesome capabilities designed for businesses at the top of their game.

  • Google Docs – Work together, make suggestions, and don’t miss a thing

Google docs allow multiple users to work on the same document. Advanced features recently introduced allow any user who has commenting access without changing texts.

For access to the ‘suggest edits” feature, users must have comment access. Once suggestions are made, the owners of the document will automatically be sent an email to accept, reject, or even make comments on it.

To use this feature:

  • Open the Google document
  • Click Top Right Corner and select ‘Editing’
  • Select the second option down called ‘Suggesting’

suggest edits google docs


  • Search and work

You can now automatically use Search pane tool on documents and presentations.  All you have to do is select the research tool on Google docs to look up images or grab texts on the web. You can also search the web if you need some stats for market research or look up facts about a specific product. It’s instantly accessible.

Watch this video by Google to learn more about the Research Pane

  • Data security improvements

Google Apps has the 2-Step verification to protect you from phishing attacks and cyber threats. The 2-Step verification process involves entering the regular user name and password, and a one-time verification code sent to you via mobile.

Get peace of mind by stopping unauthorised people access your device and stealing sensitive information.

To enable 2-Step Verification:

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Select Sign in & Security
  • Click 2-Step Verification and Start set-up

2step verification

  • Present anywhere with Hangouts

Hangouts feature on Google+ is a great for sharing your ideas and setting up meetings with important clients. Rather than spending most of your time in face-to-face meeting, save time and money by utilising Hangouts.

You can set up video or text meetings. Meet them at home, in the airport, or down the corridor using any device. New features users can activate include outband caller ID, group chats, and let contacts know if you’re on a phone or video call.