Google Apps for Business in ManchesterGoogle Apps. Love ‘em. Stacks of amazing features that even allow users to work on docs even when internet connection is flakey or drops out altogether. Google loves to push the idea of working from anywhere, using any device, at any time. But anywhere usually means anywhere there’s internet connection. Not now.

Not with Google Apps.

You can still access Gmail, drive or folders by simply downloading the apps in advance. Storing files on the cloud and then syncing them makes this capability possible for anyone. Now you can continue to get things done even when you’re offline – you’re flying over the Atlantic, transcribing ancient hieroglyphics deep pre-Colombian tomb or stuck on a Wi-Fi less train.

Here are few things to get sorted before we get started:

  • Install Chrome
  • Sign in with chrome account
  • Download the apps required
  • Sign into Google account

What next?

Enable offline access. How? Simply head to, click the menu icon on left hand side, select ‘Settings’, and enable ‘Offline Sync’ then click ‘Turn on’

Remember the only way you can continue to work offline on Google Apps is by signing into Google. Failure to do so will mean being stuck with no ability to do any type of work. Make sure you’re in the habit of staying logged onto your Google accounts.  It’s the only way to keep working offline.

Access Inbox with no connection

You need to enable offline access when you’re online to use this capability. To enable access to your inbox offline, you need to download the chrome app and install the Gmail extension. Once you done that, ensure you allow offline inbox storage box that essentials lets you manage and compose new emails offline. Soon as you get connection all the changes you made will be synced into the email.

What about drive, docs, sheets & slides?

The best ideas usually come to us when we don’t expect them. So with this in mind, Google lets users access and edit anything on docs, sheets, and slides offline. Beware of the circle icon with lighting bolt at the top that indicates you’re working offline.

You can also access specific files on your computer using Google Drive. To do this, create a document then simply save it. Turn on the offline feature on the left hand menu and select the blue enable button for synchronisation that allows your doc to be available offline.

Once you’re offline, you can continue to work on the document, and make modifications that you need. Close the file and connect back to the internet. Open the doc once more and you’ll be able to see the new changes have been automatically synchronised.

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