Manchester Google Apps support for Business

Google Apps is an awesome cloud platform for enterprise. Designed with team engagement in mind and with security tight as a tight thing, it’s no wonder Google Apps are so popular with cloud aficionados.

Our TechGuardians spent the last week playing around with some of the hidden features that can take workplace productivity to from meh to mind blowing.

Try 5 Google Apps features to add a bit of oomph at work

  • Send Email from multiple accounts

Gmail is a great single destination email hub – all your emails into one single inbox. Smart.

Simply set Gmail to send and receive emails from your various accounts without logging in or out. All you need to do is add your respective email addresses.

Visit Gmail, select the Cog icon, Setting, Select Account, and add away.

Once you add your email addresses you can select the main address by activating the make default setting.

  • Access files without internet access

You can tell our tech guardians are proper geeks. Geeks are always trying to test stuff, break stuff. Imagine spending time trying to find somewhere with dodgy WiFi signal just to test access to an important file?

Why? Because we wanted to check out the Google Chrome that enables users to get files offline.

To make the file accessible offline login to within chrome browser. You can still work offline, make amendments, and compose emails. When you go back online your Google Drive account will be automatically updated.

How useful is that?

  • Work on Microsoft based files

Probably one of the most convenient features you can find. Avoid installing extra plug-ins for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and get down to editing the docs on Google Apps. Anything on Microsoft Office, Words doc, Excel and PowerPoint are easily convertible to Google docs, sheets and slides. Access, edit and save from any device, mobile, tablet, or desktop.

  • Find your phone

That’s right. Google tracks your phone. Mad.

It’s easy to lose your phone. Pain. First thing to do is to ensure your device location access is turned on.

Here’s Google’s instructions:

  1. Find “Google Settings” in one of these places (depending on your device):
    • Open a separate app called Google Settings
    • In your main Settings app, scroll down and tap Google
  2. Tap Security.
  3. Under “Android Device Manager,” switch Remotely locate this device and Allow remote lock and erase on or off.

Sign in to your Google Account. Next time you lose your phone, type find my phone on Google search and hey presto your phone will tracked down using Google maps.

  • Keep accounts safe

Last but not least Google assists your security. Nobody wants to be duped by a hacking scam or for workplace security to be vulnerable. One of the clever features on Google is the ability to combat suspicious activity by keeping a record of recent security events, i.e. password change, or recently used device to check activity deemed suspicious.

Check that log through My Account, Go to Device Activity & Notification.