IT Consulting Services and Outsourced IT Directors

Take your organisation to the next level with unbiased strategic thinking,
expert technology consultancy and part time CTOs, CIOs and IT Directors.

Growing your business without the right expertise and insight is a difficult task. But where do you look when you’re not in the position to hire a full-time IT Director, Chief Technical Officer of Chief Information Officer?
To SaaSAge’s outsourced, unbiased IT Consulting Services.

Boost strategic level thinking for your full technology stack

Deploy long term business planning across all IT operations

Improve efficiencies and effectiveness of IT systems

Transform the value of your entire IT investment

Do you need an outsourced IT Director, CIO or CTO?

A full time IT director is not cheap. And they won’t be quick to find, not if you want the right hire. More importantly, you’re probably not in a position where you need a full time C-suite hire for your business.

You most likely have a very competent IT manager, supervising a team of IT technicians or working on their own. They handle all your day to day technical operations and IT managed services.

But what if you need a level of insight and oversight above that? What if you need a strategic partner who can assess your operations and systems in an expert, impartial way and advise on the most efficient and effective ways to digitally transform your organisation?

Then you need our IT consulting services and the expertise of a part-time IT Director.

The benefits of expert, unbiased IT consultancy

If you want to truly transform your operations, your setups and your growth, then you need to make sure your IT systems are not holding you back now. You need to be certain they’ll be absolutely fit for purpose today and well into the future. That’s what impartial IT consultancy can do for your organisation.

Unlock the full potential of your systems

Having Microsoft 365 or a Modern Workplace setup is one thing. Using it efficiently and cost-effectively is another. Our exec-level IT consulting makes sure you and your entire team get maximum benefit from every piece of technology and every application you use – driving seamless integrations and company-wide adoption.

Get a second impartial opinion

With so much technology available, it can often be hard to know which is right for your business. Multiple departments might request multiple different setups. We act as an expert, impartial advisor, to contextually analyse every part of your IT system and make logical, unbiased recommendations.

Make sure contracts and suppliers are always vetted

Our board-level IT consultants double check all new IT deployments following our recommendations. Using our decades of insight and expertise, we make sure your organisation is always on favourable contract terms with reputable suppliers, helping you to avoid costly mistakes. 

Boost peace of mind with an extra safe pair of hands

Perhaps most importantly, an outsourced IT Director is a reassuring voice for your organisation. Cost effective access to a senior expert that makes sure all your IT systems and processes are always as secure as possible using the latest security updates and software features.

Why choose SaaSAge for senior IT Consulting?

Whether you need one-off support from C-suite level experts or you’re looking to hire a part-time IT Director for on-going advice and insight, SaaSAge can help. We’ll save you time and money, supplying the very best knowledge and expertise in a highly efficient, cost-effective way.

We help your organisation grow the way it should – without breaking your bank balance or your IT systems.

Decades of senior expertise

Highly experienced IT leaders

Unrivalled skills and unbeatable clarity

Improve productivity with Team processes

Complete security, compliance and peace of mind, delivered by the safest hands, the smartest people, and the best technology.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

Whatever you need support with, we’re there to help.

With the right technology, the right advice, at the right time.

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