Microsoft’s cloud based Office365 Manchester

We all love a freebie. New vanilla syrup on your regular hot chocolate? Yes please. The chance to chuck yourself around that new state of the art gym next to your office?  Oh go on then.

We all know it’s a promotion and advertising game. Companies pushing a new product. Guinea pigs getting first dibs. A fair exchange more often than not.

And it’s no different with technology.

So why not take advantage of FREE TRIALS offered by software vendors to try, test, and evaluate their kit? Be it cloud technology or server virtualisation. Yes of course you need to be smart, be selective, but the chance to experience the potential benefits of smart new technology FOC and in the comfort and context of your own working environment is priceless.

Take cloud computing for example.

Who isn’t on the lookout for new ways to turn client affection into unrequited love? And though getting airborne with cloud computing might seem an uphill task initially, a free trial gives you and your clients a great opportunity to quickly and easily experience the many benefits. Especially when you have a team at your side guiding you through every step.

Business building, money making benefits offered by the likes of Microsoft’s cloud based Office365. The ability to work anywhere. Flexibility. Connectivity and collaboration.

Try the basic Microsoft Office Suite and Cloud Sharing File or go large to see the many efficiencies of Business Class Email and Communication integration with Office Suite.

Or how about Google Apps? Get your team working and collaborating in a secured and safe environment. Everywhere. All the time.

Demonstration? At your convenience.

Full migration? As standard.

Training? Of course.

Seeing is believing. See the incredible benefits of collaborative cloud computing with your own eyes – for free. You’ll never look back.

Get started today.

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