Our clients often approach us to add or change the email signatures of their accounts to MS Office 365, Google Apps or our secure UK hosted Exchange platform.

For MS Outlook this is very easy and Outlook copes well with cutting and pasting whatever signature you’ve created in Word into its signature tool. However Mac Mail and Windows Live Mail are a very different story (I absolutely do not recommend Windows Live Mail for business use but that’s a different blog post)

When you paste a signature developed in Word into Mac Mail or WLM the formatting is changed or images don’t appear. So how do you resolve these?

Quite simple. Use a pure HTML editor, not Word to create your signature, something like Kompozer.net.

If you already have a signature in Word just copy and paste it into Kompozer and save it as an HTML file and use this file as your signature.

Why does this work?

Kompozer uses pure basic HTML code, not some rehashed version that MS Word uses which contains all types of odd commands, Mac Mail and WLM doesn’t understand the HTML that Word creates and so the signature rarely works.

So that’s it. If you want to develop a signature for your company that will work with any type of Email software connected to MS Office 365, Google Apps or secure UK hosted Exchange then use Kompozer.