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Here’s ironic. The Financial Conduct Authority, days after lecturing financial companies to improve their defences against cyber risks itself suffered a ‘major IT incident’. A ‘major incident’ that knocked out many of its systems.

Though identified as a “physical hardware” issue as opposed to the type of cyber security issue they were specifically referring to in their warnings what the unexpected and unwelcome downtime does show is that these things can happen to anyone.

And when they do happen it’s best to be as prepared as possible.

  1. Preparation in the form of a Managed IT Service
  2. Preparation in the form of our range of High Availability System Tiers and Special Disaster Recovery Services

That the FCA were out of action for as long as they were suggests that even if they were prepared in one respect they weren’t in the other.

IT Solutions Manchester – High Availability Systems Tiers

Did you know we provide five tiers of backup and restoration configuration dependent on your business requirements?

Did you know that the ultimate Tier 4 Plus – Super High Availability offers a seamless continuation of service in the event of technical failure?

At the very least we can bolt on our Disaster Recovery platform so that should the worst happen to your hardware we will be able to get your systems up and running within about 30 minutes.

Now that’s prepared.

Whether a case of cyber security (including people and processes) or physical hardware resilience it’s important to put the measures in place to protect you from the threat of both and more than that to mitigate them if, for whatever reason, prevention is breached. A holistic ‘security culture’.

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