Find out if you’re getting the most out of Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Office suite with our comprehensive MS 365 Utilisation, Security and License Audit.

One simple audit can help you increase usage, save time, boost productivity and reduce costs.

Like most smart, efficient, productive companies, you and your team will use Microsoft 365 to run your business on a day-to-day basis. It’s easy, it’s secure and it keeps things ticking over.

But how exactly are your staff usingMicrosoft 365 and Microsoft Office? Do they really have a grasp of all its capabilities and its benefits? Are you and your team just feature-aware? Or are you feature-savvy?

And most importantly… What are you missing out on?

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Your journey to Advanced Microsoft 365 usage

Most businesses are only scratching the surface of what’s possible with Microsoft 365. They’re either unaware of how Microsoft 365 and the MS Office suite of tools can transform the way they operate, or they’re only using the basic functions and features to support their daily tasks. 

Very few organisations are maximising their Microsoft  365 usage. Very few are intermediate users of all the features that Microsoft 365 offers. Fewer still have an understanding of the benefits that advanced use of Microsoft 365 brings to their business.

We’ll help you get to that stage. We’ll help you maximise your Microsoft 365 usage and realise the huge benefits it brings to your business.

We’ll help you and your team become Advanced Microsoft 365 users.

Microsoft 365 Unaware

Microsoft 365 Basic

Microsoft 365 Intermediate

Microsoft 365 Advanced

Confident that you and your workforce are already advanced users of Microsoft 365?

If we can’t give you at least two recommendations that will help you improve your usage, boost productivity or save you time, effort and money… then we’ll give you your money back.

What do you get with a SaaSage Microsoft 365 Utilisation Audit?

  • An intro call with SaaSAge Managing Director Andrew Doyle to discuss your business, your set-up and your priorities
  • A two-to-three hour online webinar to walk through your current Microsoft 365 usage
  • A four-sided audit document highlighting key areas where your staff would benefit from Microsoft 365 features
  • Immediate actions that you can take to improve uptake, usage, productivity and efficiency across your organisation – with at least two core recommendations to implement right now.

That’s hours of expertise and analysis, cost-saving tips and instant productivity improvements – all for just £500.

We have limited capacity for personal, tailored audits, so don’t miss out on improving productivity across your organisation.

You’ll discover how efficient and effective your Microsoft 365 set-up really is.

Are you using shared data drives to sync the latest versions of important documents with a single source of truth… or are you constantly sharing multiple versions by email and always trying to find the most up-to-date documents in an unstructured folder set-up?

Are you consolidating software licenses to reduce your operating costs… or are you wasting way too much money on programs, apps and cloud storage your team never uses?

Are you and all your staff using desktop and mobile apps consistently to streamline productivity… or are you wasting time and effort switching between different operating systems and different mobile apps, always trying to find how to use a certain function?

Is your workflow so seamless you never have to think about it?

Or are you and your team spending too much time copying and pasting, searching for features, trying to figure out the best way to share a document, send a calendar invite or set-up a video call?

Microsoft 365 – when used correctly – solves all these problems.

Our Utilisation Audit will help your business do just that.

With a Microsoft 365 Utilisation Audit from SaaSage, you will:

Improve your file management and storage

 We’ll show you how to structure your shared folders to work perfectly with your current operating procedures, so everything is synced in the right way and always easy to access.

Streamline your reporting procedures

 We’ll help you minimise the time and effort spent on manually pulling information from spreadsheets to generate business reports. We’ll demonstrate how to automate reporting and make use of Microsoft’s Power BI tools.

Easily comply with subject access requests

We’ll demonstrate how effective use of Microsoft 365 helps with Data Protection Act compliance, and streamlines any subject access requests you may receive.

Get a comprehensive licensing assessment

 We’ll carefully examine all your outgoing costs to see where you can make savings on software licenses. Are you paying for storage you don’t need? Are you paying too much per user? We’ll find out.

Easily comply with subject access requests

We’ll demonstrate how effective use of Microsoft 365 helps with Data Protection Act compliance, and streamlines any subject access requests you may receive.

Start making the most of Teams

 We’ll show you how to stop using multiple tools to communicate with staff and facilitate internal business operations, when you only need to use one – Microsoft Teams. We’ll help you set-up your structure, permissions and all the functionality needed for efficient communications.

Receive training support

 We don’t just tell you what to do and leave you to do it. We’ll help your workforce improve their skills and get every staff member using Office 365 more effectively, setting training outcomes and sharing multiple training methods.

Understanding the importance - and the benefits - of systems integration

Most importantly, we’ll show how by bringing all your systems, storage and procedures fully into the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, you’ll see seamless integration across all your day-to-day tasks – improving ease, efficiency, security and cost!

Without a Microsoft 365 utilisation audit it’s likely you’re:

  • Wasting money on licenses and software you don’t need or use
  • Wasting time looking for files and folders stored in multiple place
  • Getting confused over permissions, versions and shared documents
  • Running a system that isn’t as secure as it should be
  • Spending too much effort on tasks that should should be simple and seamless
  • Missing out on several beneficial features of a tool you pay for every user, every month

 Sound familiar?

Put an end to all these inefficiencies and increase your awareness, knowledge and usage of Microsoft 365.

PLUS: Money back guarantee AND extra savings

  • If we don’t find at least two ways for you and your team to increase your use of Microsoft 365 and make cost-effective changes, then your audit will be completely free.

    AND, if you book a Utilisation Audit with us now, we’ll give you a 7.5% discount on all your Microsoft 365 licenses for the next year!

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