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Boost productivity and bolster security for every employee with Microsoft 365

If you want your business – and your team – to operate at maximum flexibility and efficiency, you need Microsoft 365. You get best-in-class productivity apps from Office 365  to keep your staff working uninterrupted – as well as additional collaborative and administrative tools. You benefit from high quality, in-built security protocols to block threats and prevent data loss. And you streamline new user set ups with advanced auto-deployment features.

All in one single software platform. And all supported by our expert engineers and account managers.

MS 365 covers everything your business needs to thrive. And if you want even more expert input, we’re here to give you any extra help or technology you might need.

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Microsoft 365 – Productivity, Flexibility, Security and Management

Advanced Threat Protection and automatic Data Loss Prevention

Simple auto-deployment for all new users and new devices

Plus proactive, ongoing expert support from SaaSAge

Maximise productivity and collaboration with advanced Office 365 tools and features

Microsoft 365 gives your business all the apps your staff work with on a daily basis – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Access. The latest versions, on multiple devices, with all content securely stored in the cloud. 

But it goes beyond that, with additional advanced features that make collaborative working seamlessly effective – like SharePoint for better cloud-based document management, Teams for easier discussions and Flow for improved workflows. It’s why we recommend MS 365 to all businesses who work on shared files.

Streamline your admin and operations, while working from home

Forget multiple apps, complicated login procedures and dozens of software licenses. MS 365 streamlines all your administrative and operational tasks, with full control, full access and full management with one single-sign on.

And it provides one of the most effective solutions for all of your team to work from home. Secure logins and flexible permissions allow every employee to safely access company files and infrastructure whenever they are out of the office.

Secure every email, every document and every device against threats

Simple human error accounts for the majority of security breaches in businesses in every industry. MS 365 adds an extra layer of protection to help you catch those easy-to-make mistakes.

Advanced Threat Protection uses state-of-the-art anti-virus filters to identify malicious attachments and links and prevent users from inadvertently accessing them. Data Loss Prevention helps you protect vital information by identifying sensitive company details – like credit card numbers – and restricting copying, saving or forwarding. And you can add additional security checks on mobile devices to prevent employees – or non-employees – accessing restricted company information.

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Manage and set up all Windows 10 devices from one central admin panel

With Microsoft 365 in place, you don’t need costly on-site servers. And you won’t lose valuable time with a lengthy on-boarding process for new users.

We manage all your users – and all their devices – from one simple cloud-based admin panel. New users are set up with company settings in minutes. We protect work files if a device is lost or stolen and we instantly wipe company data from personal devices if they leave the business.

Advanced productivity and peace-of-mind security with MS 365.

Quick MS 365 deployment, expert management and advanced security models - all from SaaSAge

If you want to give your staff the tools to work to the best of their ability, securely, from anywhere, you need Microsoft 365.

We get your organisation set up in no time. We help train your teams to get the most from every feature on every device. And most importantly, we implement MS365 to our stringent Cyber Security model, to give your business the extra levels of productivity and security – now and in the future with our ongoing managed IT services and support. 

Helping businesses across the North West increase productivity and security with Microsoft 365

Complete security, compliance and peace of mind, delivered by the safest hands, the smartest people, and the best technology.

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Contact us today for a free consultation.

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