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  1. Multiple users edit same document

Rather than emailing important documents, word or excel, to various contacts, you can now allow multiple users access to the same document to view, edit, and comment. Reduce emails attachment and improve productivity by allowing co-workers to chip in with new ideas.

Anyone familiar with Google docs will welcome this new feature with open arms. Office 365 users can now join the party.

  1. Link, don’t attach

Instead of attaching a file on outlook, you can now upload a file, store it on the cloud, and link to it. This is a very useful feature for businesses that use outlook via cloud. Cloud based work allows document sharing via links so you better get used to it.

Office 365 new feature allows workers to see any changes done, eliminate any confusion, and concentrate on one single document.

  1. De-clutter email

Microsoft began rolling out a new feature in late 2014 to de-clutter emails. The purpose of this feature is to prioritise important emails in your inbox. Essentially, a Clutter folder is create where less important emails are moved to be read later. This is achieved by using Office Graph sophisticated machine learning techniques that takes your prior actions into consideration.

Learn more about this advanced office 365 feature here

  1. Skype on a document

Do you have an important document that you want to share with colleagues over Skype? This new feature makes it possible to do so and even more. Document Chat is a new feature when you collaborate on a new project using Word or PowerPoint.

Let say you had to nip out of the office, but you still on Skype, continue the chat whilst your co-workers make important edits and adds new work related notes.

  1. PDF to Word

Remember when you received a PDF document that you couldn’t convert into word doc, edit or add to. Now you can do just that. When opening the PDF, simply click OK, when you are asked to convert. Gone are the days where you had to copy and paste from a PDF document into another one. It was tiring. It was messy. It was time consuming.

You can also save any word doc into a PDF simply by: Click File>Export>Create PDF.

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