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Email security

Is Email security water tight at your organisation?

Do you want to eliminate potential threats on your system?

Criminal are becoming ever more sophisticated with their methods of invading complicated organisational networks and systems. Email is a prime tool for any criminal who wants to access vital data. After all data is the lifeblood of any business.

Let us introduce you to Exchange Online Protection (EOP). Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud based robust system that protect emails against unwanted spam and malware whilst critically, maintain access and the ability to carry out work during and after an emergency.  

Stay secure & in control

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) acts as an extra buffer to boost protection and improve security. The advanced capabilities are designed to eliminate threats with state of the art defence mechanisms that acts as a filter. It identifies the good, from the bad, from the downright ugly.

When receiving high risk emails, a separate outbound delivery pools are setup to deal with them immediately to protect your organisation’s IP reputation as Microsoft likes to label it. No stone will be left unturned. Everything is checked thoroughly and exhaustively.

The beauty of using Microsoft is the multifaceted ability to control the overall environment whilst ensuring email protection at peak condition. For that purpose, a single web based interface to manage and administer the Exchange Administration Centre.

Real time reporting is activated by checking every message that passes through the Exchange Online Protection systems. Add to that the high quality support provided throughout the clock at no extra cost to your business welcome at any time.

Start the fight back

Bad news for any would be criminal. Protecting organisations is becoming easier than ever by eliminating the need to install extra hardware of expensive software. No need to install extra security servers or applications to protect email with Exchange Online Protection. All will be done for your business using the cloud.

If that’s not enough, Microsoft offers the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to secure your mailbox against advanced threats. Features include protection against unsafe attachments, protection to the environments if users click on malicious links, and ever better reporting and tracking insights. The advanced threat protection comes at an additional cost.

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