Microsoft Outlook for Mac ManchesterOne of our clients called recently with an issue with Outlook for Mac 2011. Outlook is connected to an Exchange 2013 environment but would randomly throughout the day prompt the user to enter their Exchange username and password.

We checked and rebuilt the users Keychain but the issue persisted with no particular pattern except the user mentioned a number of times ‘I was surfing the internet at the time’.

After a long of investigation it turns out that Outlook for Mac 2011 was being put to sleep by OSX via a feature called App Nap which first appeared in Mavericks. It seems the two don’t play nicely together and the user was surfing the internet just long enough for OSX to put Outlook to sleep.

So how do you disable App Nap for Outlook? Simple;

  1. In Finder go to Applications
  2. Navigate into the MS Office 2011 folder and find the Outlook application
  3. Right click Outlook > Get Info
  4. Put a tick in the box next to Prevent App Nap
  5. Done

How to disable App Nap for Outlook for Mac 2011

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