You don’t need us to tell you that these days cyber attacks present a constant danger. You’ve doubtless seen those news articles of criminals using ever more sophisticated malware and spyware capable of striking right at the heart of even the most well protected of computer systems.

The cost to the business? Millions!

It’s a war out there.  

Is your business equipped to win it?

According to The Office of National Statistics (ONS) there were over 2.5 million hacking attempts and virus infections by late 2015.


And with security experts in agreement that most UK businesses are both under-resourced and ill-prepared to deal with a serious cyber attack things are bound to get nastier.

Viruses hidden deeper. Phishing attacks smarter and malware carefully concealed away in the background.

Ironically though, often the problems stem from user error and not technical skullduggery.

User error

The Windows Tech support scam comes to mind. The one where users are called by a scammer supposedly from Microsoft who’s warning about malware infections on their computer. The tales vary but the objective is always the same – an attempt to try and wheedle cash out the the user. Payment for antivirus software perhaps or a sleight of hand bank transfer refund request.

In addition the rise of remote working and mobile devices means sensitive business information is now being carried outside of the traditional office environment and beyond corporate protection, exposed to viruses and malware.

And imagine the potential chaos when someone leaves a work laptop in the train. Not uncommon. Havoc? Mayhem? All that and more. Talk about exposed!

How exposed are you?

What about your business? How safe is your data? Have you got full disk encryption capabilities? Can you remotely lock the machine? Set data permissions?  

Long gone are the days where a dash of antivirus and hint of endpoint protection strategy might suffice. you can

A serious threat, cybercrime demands a serious approach to combat it.

Time to inoculate your IT system

Here’s the deal.

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