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Disaster Recovery Services

A fire, a flood, a virus even – your email system down, a call centre frozen, a queue of customers locked out of your online payment system. Just imagine the consequences of serious IT failure in your organisation.


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All about Disaster Recovery Services

The ISO/IEC 27031, global standard for IT disaster recovery, states, “Strategies should define the approaches to implement the required resilience so that the principles of incident prevention, detection, response, recovery and restoration are put in place.” In not so many words, prevention is better than cure.

Disaster recovery should actually start a long time before the lightning has struck.

Prevention is always far better than Disaster Recovery cure. That’s why we work so hard with our clients to head trouble off at the pass – we hot swap ageing hardware, we insist on a proper backup system and we always deploy the most reliable technology possible. That’s what you call Preventative IT Support!


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What is involved?

What does Saasage provide?

  • Quick and Easy Restoration
  • Preventative Strategies
  • Reliable Backup System and Technology
  • Detailed Reporting and Statistics
  • Quick Replacement of Defective Equipment

“There’s many a time (Andrew has) pulled us out of the fire…”

Dean Seddon, Speedy Products

The Importance of Risk Assessments

Before you can even begin to think about your Disaster Recovery plan, it’s important to conduct a Risk Assessment or Business Impact Analysis.  You need to recognise what your core IT services are – the ones that support your critical business activities.

From there you can work out how quickly you need them to be back up and running – your Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). You will also have an idea of the the extent that you need them to be recovered to – your Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Once armed with the all important Risk Assessment, we can devise your Disaster Recovery Strategy.

“Brilliant - no fuss, expert advice and absolutely no headaches”

SaaSAge handled the situation and recommended MS Office 365. Brilliant – no fuss, expert advice and absolutely no headaches… impressed by the efficiency and advice… can highly recommend them.

John Knott, Technical Director