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How can you prove compliance and retention policies including Legal Hold if all your data is stored within the same platform?

How can you effectively protect yourself against malicious or accidental data loss?


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All about Email Archiving

SecureGuardian Email Archiving delivers an archive of all email and skype communication to ensure that you meet demanding business and legal requirements.

We follow the accepted “best practice” approach for compliance by archiving an original copy of every email into a separate immutable store, for long term retention and preservation.

Although Office 365 maybe adequate for some businesses, our Compliance and eDiscovery capabilities allow us to combat the inherent limitations of the “in-place” approach Microsoft takes for long-term email retention and preservation.

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What is involved?

What does Saasage provide?

  • Archive messages, calendars, tasks, contacts and public folders
  • No hardware or software agent required
  • Automatic archiving with granular retention policies
  • Apply Legal Hold to emails
  • Archive directly from Office 365

“Honest, professional, personable…”

Neil Flint, Charlesworth School

Ways to protect your business

To protect and secure your critical business data requires a suite of products and services. To complement our SecureGuardian Email Archiving we also recommend the following:

  • SecureGuardian Email Essentials – delivering additional security and compliance for your emails
  • SecureGuardian Cloud to Cloud back – just as you archive emails this backs up your data ensuring an additional level of robustness and compliance for cloud environments
  • SecureGuardian Web Filtering – Ensure that you can protect your business with inbound and outbound filtering
"They would be an asset to any business that they work with"

SaaSAge came to talk to us about managing our I.T. systems and talked about being our partner, not just our I.T. support provider. Their approach sounded too perfect but they both surprised and impressed me from the outset. They developed a flawless handover plan from our previous provider and corrected all of our ongoing IT issues. SaaSAge are regularly here to offer support to the business and they are always available for immediate help online with any issues addressed quickly and efficiently.  I can categorically state they are a true. They would be an asset to any business that they work with.

Sue Griffin, UK General Manager