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The World of IT is changing and expanding every day. In fact, the number of options available for your business can be a little overwhelming!

Whether you just need a bit of helpful advice or are looking for a fully managed implementation project, SaaSAge can provide you with as much guidance as you need.


Delivering safe, secure and consistent implementation

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All about IT Consultancy Services

The world of IT is changing every day. Just think, over a decade ago, Instant Messaging was hot technology, brand new and exciting. Now we look back on the era of MSN messenger with fond memories and laughter! And that’s just one example…

So, in the IT world, we have to keep ahead of the game! The team at SaaSAge have decades of experience in providing IT Solutions to nearly every type of industry going. We keep up to date with the latest technologies and innovations that are reshaping how businesses interact with their customers.

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What is involved?

What does Saasage provide?

  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Decades of Experience
  • No Money Wasted on Unnecessary Solutions
  • Future Proof, Resilient Solutions
  • Technology Matched to Your Business Needs

“I think of them as part of Octapharma…”

Sue Griffin, Octapharma UK

Keep Ahead of the Game

SaaSAge have the knowledge, skills and expertise to provide you with the most practical advice  to help develop your business and keep ahead of the game. In fact, asking if SaaSAge know anything about the world of IT, is like asking if Mr Kipling knows anything about cakes!

From cutting edge cloud solutions to the most up-to-date and resilient technology. From fully encrypted data protection to choosing which length of cable to use. Just get in touch, have a little chat with the team and see how our Consultancy Services could change your business!

"They would be an asset to any business that they work with"

SaaSAge came to talk to us about managing our I.T. systems and talked about being our partner, not just our I.T. support provider. Their approach sounded too perfect but they both surprised and impressed me from the outset. They developed a flawless handover plan from our previous provider and corrected all of our ongoing IT issues. SaaSAge are regularly here to offer support to the business and they are always available for immediate help online with any issues addressed quickly and efficiently.  I can categorically state they are a true. They would be an asset to any business that they work with.

Sue Griffin, UK General Manager