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Microsoft Office 365

With Office 365, you have access to powerful applications that can transform the way you do business, without the huge deployment costs traditionally incurred.


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All about Microsoft Office 365

Everyone uses Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other tools. Microsoft Office 365 takes this one step further. It has a comprehensive range of business productivity and collaboration tools that will revolutionise your workplace.

Office 365 enables your organisation to work from anywhere on just about any device, seamlessly. Due to the flexibility of its licensing model, it can be deployed and managed in several scenarios, allowing us to tailor it to your exact requirements. All you need is an internet connection and you’re good to go.

With over 22 million subscribers, Microsoft Office 365 is the natural choice for most organisations wanting to improve productivity while reducing risk and cost.

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What is involved?

What does Saasage provide?

  • Full Office Suite (Including Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc)
  • Business Class Email Hosting with 50GB Mailbox
  • 1TB File Storage and Sharing (per user)
  • Predictable Monthly Costs
  • Ability to Scale your Business Quickly

“A major IT change without any business disruption, is a sign of success…”

Sue Griffin, Octapharma UK

Why choose Microsoft 365?

Consistent User Experience – Microsoft is the most used Office Suite in the world. Office 365 continues to deliver these applications in an easy to use way, therefore reducing training costs.

Reduces Deployment Cost – Because you no longer need to purchase and maintain expensive servers and corresponding licenses, the deployment costs are reduced.

Improves Productivity – Users have access to a host of productivity applications that integrate seamlessly and simply help your organisation become more productive.

Improves Organisation and Collaboration – Email, calendar, contacts and documents are all synchronised to work together, helping each user to work effectively and collaboratively.

Flexible – Office 365 is device and location independent, meaning you can work from anywhere, on just about any device.

Secure – Your data is stored in “Safe Harbour” EU based data centres and access is through easy to manage secure logins. Thanks to this, your vital data is often more secure than hosting it on premise.

Reliable – With 99.9% uptime, Office 365 is reliable and dependable.

Resilient – Thanks to its cloud architecture, Office 365 and supporting services ensure that your critical data is always available.

Predictable – With no upfront costs and all license costs appearing on your monthly SaaSAge services bill, you can predict and manage costs with ease.

Scalable – Growing your organisation? With Office 365, you can scale your business quickly and with predictable costs.

Manageable – No more software license headaches. With SaaSAge and Office 365, you have all users on the same centrally deployed version of software and on the correct license.

“Brilliant - no fuss, expert advice and absolutely no headaches”

SaaSAge handled the situation and recommended MS Office 365. Brilliant – no fuss, expert advice and absolutely no headaches… impressed by the efficiency and advice… can highly recommend them.

John Knott, Technical Director