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Most of the problems that companies face throughout IT Projects could be avoided by applying just a few Project Management skills and techniques.



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All about Project Management

When you’ve been dealing with networks for as long as we have, you begin to see a pattern in what causes a project to go wrong.

Sometimes it may be due to unforeseen surprises that are beyond our control, but most of time it comes down to silly mistakes, lack of communication or missing a vital detail in the initial audit. So, how do we avoid these bumps in the road?

Managing Network Projects doesn’t have to be all guesswork.

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What is involved?

What does Saasage provide?

  • Communication at Each Step
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Cost Tracking
  • Vast Knowledge and Experience
  • Realistic, Attainable Objectives

“(Andrew) is great as a sounding board… A proper business thinker…”

Dean Seddon, Speedy Products

Project Management Features

When broken down it is simply a combination of a few core features:

  • A Core Objective
  • A Budget
  • An initial audit/expection
  • Expectations of the Company
  • A Project Time Line and Completion Date
  • Immediate and Long Term Benefits to the Users

SaaSAge understand this process and work closely to communicate with our customers every step of the way. Beginning with the initial audit and planning, right through to implementation, training and ongoing support – we avoid the bumps in the road!

"Impressed by their dedication, expertise and advice"

 Since moving to them… we have been impressed by their dedication, expertise and advice to help improve the agencies fast moving environment and IT requirements across three offices. I would recommend them to any company looking to make the change to the cloud and need the detailed attention required by companies operating in a fast paced environment.

Dolan Hewison, Operations and Delivery Director