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Server Virtualistion

Businesses are challenged by the limitations of today’s servers, which are designed to run a limited amount of operating systems and applications.

Vistualisation allows businesses to run multiple operating systems and applications, on a single server, providing greater efficiency.


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All about Server Virtualistion

  • Question: When is a server not a server?
  • Answer: When it’s a virtual server.

Server virtualisation is the process of digitising your servers, turning them into files. The partitioning of a physical server into virtual servers that can run their own operating system and applications, performing as individual servers. By separating the physical hardware from the software with a virtualisation layer (known as the Hypervisor), businesses enjoy a range of advantages over the traditional physical server approach.

Little wonder as to why server virtualisation is so popular!

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What is involved?

What does Saasage provide?

  • Increase IT Productivity, Efficiency, Agility and Responsiveness
  • Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Reduce Capital and Operating Costs
  • Expandable Capacity
  • Minimise or Eliminate Downtime

“A massively flexible virtual environment…”

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A Couple of Benefits

Increased Uptime – New ways of managing servers mean you can migrate a complete virtual server between physical hosts. This means that you can quickly recover from unplanned outages and stay operational for longer.

Improved Disaster Recovery – Because you are not reliant on any vendor specific piece of hardware, you don’t need to rely on identical hardware swaps in the event of failure. Save time and money! And by rationalising servers to a minimum of physical machines you can more easily create an affordable replication site. And, because your server is virtual it means that you can test failure and recovery scenarios, rather than just hoping that when things do go wrong, everything will be okay.

Instant Capacity – Additional capacity requests met almost instantly. No POs, no shipping, no cabling, no building, no testing, and no white knuckle frustrations. Just instant deployment and functionality which makes for great testing, development and productivity.

Server Virtualisation Value – Consolidate your technology and save money. More efficiency, better allocation of resources and better performance all lead to the same end result – better value.

Cloud readiness – Server virtualisation is a good way to ‘cloud ready’ both your technology and your thinking. For example, moving from a simple virtualised data centre to a private cloud could be the start of a journey that might continue into a cloud hosting service.

"Impressed by their dedication, expertise and advice"

 Since moving to them… we have been impressed by their dedication, expertise and advice to help improve the agencies fast moving environment and IT requirements across three offices. I would recommend them to any company looking to make the change to the cloud and need the detailed attention required by companies operating in a fast paced environment.

Dolan Hewison, Operations and Delivery Director