Spam Filters… They Just Got Filtier

God it’s frustrating.
Both ways.

Either that not receiving an important mail feeling, the suspicion it was never sent in the first place – go on… admit it.

Or that flat refusal that your mail arrived. And you KNOW you sent it, it’s sat there in your Sent Mail for goodness sake. A little piece of you, a secret never to be shared, is certain you’re being given the runaround.

And guess what? They WERE sent. Both of them. Just that they ended up for some weird reason consigned to spam. Spam filtered. Rendered junk and slam dunked in the junk jar.

Sound familiar?
You wouldn’t be alone.

We’ve seen a stack of clients finding (and not finding) mails trapped in MS Office 365 and Google Apps spam filters.

Seems like the spam bar has risen with Microsoft and Google marking anything even remotely spammy as spam. Good news in that many of the increasing number of CEO spoof emails, password capture virus mails and other dodgy and devious mails are now being nailed. Bad news in that often perfectly honourable mails are being tarred with the same spam brush.

What to do to make sure that you don’t lose mails to the new more rigorous spam filter?

Do this:

  1. Implement an SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record that includes details of every email system that would send email as your domain name. SPF records tell receiving email systems that the email they are receiving is from a trusted server.
  2. Implement DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) which adds a digital signature to every sent email. DKIM records tell the receiving email system that the sent email originated from the system it said it originated from.

There’s another issue too. When a service used to sending genuine email, a ticket management system like ours for example, has it’s SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) flagged as spam.

Ouch. Best work with your service provider to make sure they have the necessary protections in place.

So there you go. If you’re experiencing problems with important mails not getting through, fret not. Spam Filters… they just got filtier.

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